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FL 6000 ‘Next Generation Cushioning’ Promo — Reebok Korea

With many more Floatride models recently on the market, I was getting concerned that Reebok had given up on the Floatride 6000 — an ultra-modern shoe inspired by the legendary ’85 GL 6000. But lo and behold here’s a brand new promo video from Reebok Korea.

Still keen to get hold of a pair of these; meanwhile you can check out legendary (ex-Nike) designer Tiffany Beers sharing positive feels on another Floatride model here.

Reebok Korea

Reebok Japan

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Forthcoming: Floatride 6000


I was in two minds whether to post up about this -with Retrobok focussing on pre-2000 shoes and retros. But for those of us who gym, run or exercise in any modern context: if there was a modern performance shoe inspired by the legendary 1985 GL 6000 then we’d want to know about it, right? Hit the jump for more hot air and floating shoes.

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GL 6000 — Lesmore X Reebok Classics


To date there have only been a very small number of collaborations with Reebok Classics on the GL 6000 — one with Japans XGIRL, two with Japans OSHMANS, and two (of a planned four) with Detroits The Distinct Life – making a grand total of five to date. The unisex shoe above adds to this tally.  Click on to read more…  

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GL 6000 — 2 new Korean colourways


Unless my eyes deceive me – these are 2 additional colourways of the GL 6000 which have appeared over at Reebok Korea recently. There’s such a plethora of new colourways even I’m losing track (and if there’s anywhere on the net which should be keeping track of the venerable 1985 shoe, it’s Retrobok…). The upper pair are particularly interesting as they have a green outsole which I believe is a first for the 6000 🙂 Reebok Korea —BokOne


GL 6000 Athletic — Red/Steel/White

For a month or so I thought that Reebok Classics’ prolific output of the stalwart 1985 6000 was relenting, but no. Following from the wild Sea Glass/Henna pair from early May comes this bright colourway of Red with Grey/White. Notice these don’t feature the accurate instep midsole blocking as featured on the OG shoe; something I have mixed feelings about if I’m completely honest, as I’m not a huge fan of the OG’s blocky appearance when worn. (I’m probably in trouble with some of my close friends on this…)

This is now also about the tenth 6000 that predominantly features Red as it’s main colourway (OK fifth if we’re talking toebox/heelwrap as the upper) and should prove popular in the stores and on the street. Available now from Titolo.

Don’t forget to check out the GL 6000 Field Guide too, which…*ahem* needs updating! More pics after the jump 🙂 —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — Sea Glass/Henna/Black/White


‘Sea Glass’ is a colour indentifier that Reebok Classics have used quite a lot over the last year or so – featuring on recent Ventilator makeups, and the Ltd Edt. Classic Leather collaboration (the one with snakeskin and pink, if you recall). It’s a striking colour, and even moreso when used in it’s entirety on the upper of any shoe.

Was the GL 6000 ready for this? I think it was born ready 😉 More images and store link after the jump —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

The Distinct Life X Reebok Classics — GL 6000 Olive/Gum


Detroits’ The Distinct Life collaborate again with Reebok Classics with this 2nd part (of 4) GL6000 colourways. As previously covered here on Retrobok with the Navy Blue/Gum makeup, the lace tag shown below revealed the 4 colourways planned ; so expect Black and Red in the next few months.


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GL 6000 new colourways


Since the Distinct Life x Reebok collab ‘6000’s from a month or so ago, 4 new colourways have appeared Stateside (one of which was worn by Swizz Beatz in October year when interviewed by Complex TV).

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GL 6000 — Ultimate Yellow/Silver/Tin Grey

‘Blinding’ is the best word I think to describe these brand new colourway of the Retrobok-favourite GL 6000. Sitting directly alongside the equally bold Vital Blue/Red/Silver colourway I posted a few weeks back, these are available now from Reebok USA. My GL 6000 Field-Guide is long overdue an update….. —BokOne

GL 6000 — Vital Blue/Red/Silver


Very bold colourway on these eye-popping 6000’s which have recently appeared on Reeboks’ UK site. It’s been interesting to watch the change in style on 6000 retros’ since their re-release in 2010, and Reebok don’t seem to be in any hurry to slow down this shoes continued success. Available now from Reebok UK (more images there also). —BokOne

GL 6000 — The Distinct Life collab, more details.


I’ve unearthed a few more details about the TDL collabs on the GL 6000, helped by the fact that my local store – Laced here in Brisbane Australia – somehow managed to get stock before anyone else (or perhaps more accurately, were permitted to put them on sale). Read on…  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — Distinct Life x Reebok Classics


No further information at this time. —BokOne


GL 6000 — 2014, part 2





Seen here first at Retrobok and on no other sneaker sites yet, here’s a brand new set of 6 x GL 6000 colourways over on Reebok Koreas’ official store. With a few of these utilising the LX 8500 Retro‘s detailing such as the vintaged sidestripes and heel tab, it’s the first striking White/Red/Blue pair with the yellowed midsole that really gets my attention – very striking, and reminiscent (though not quite as similiar as first appears) of the legendary PBIf anybody at Reebok Korea can help me get hold of a pair of those I’d be incredibly grateful.

Reebok Korea. —BokOne

GL 6000 — 2014, part 1


With Reebok Classics running their #REEBOKIGNITE2014 social media campaign, a few sneak-peeks of 2014 GL 6000 colourways have appeared on Instagram, the most notable of the 2 above being the Paris Runner inspired Red-White-Blue makeup. 2014 will push the GL 6000′s number of released colourways well clear of 50, a huge number reflecing the significance of this shoe within Reebok Classics’ heritage. I’m curious to know if anyone out there has all, or approaching all of the retro’d 6000 colourways, perhaps only Swizz Beatz himself? Will update on release info for these when I see them. Thanks to BokTwo for the info. —BokOne

GL 2620 — Closer look


Reebok Classics sent me a couple of pairs of the recently-released GL 2620 — another ‘new retro shoe’ following on from the ERS 1500 and GL 1500, all of which are budget/mid-range shoes, and all of which take cues from OG classic Reeboks in different ways.

With the release of the 2620 (a number I’m still not understanding the significance of – why not GL 3000 perhaps?…), there were a few things I wanted to understand. Firstly, how much of a lovechild of the Phase I/Phase II and the GL 6000 are they? Secondly, why do some of the shoes not have the name stitched on the heel counter? And thirdly, how is the quality? Read on…  Read the rest of this entry