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GL 6000 — Silver/Grey/Vital Blue


Looking not wholly dissimiliar to the OG Womens 6000’s, these have just appeared at Swedens’ Caliroots/Six Feet Down and keep things very subtle with their Silver and Grey overall treatment and ‘Vital Blue’ pops. Click on for more images and link out. Thanks to my good friend Piotr for the heads up —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Swizz Beatz talks Classics with Complex TV

Swizz Beatz talked with Complex TV recently about Reebok Classics success and the next stage of its’ business game plan. Great to see him rocking some GL 6000’s — yep a new colourway, and screengrab below. He also reveals that Reebok (unclear whether Reebok global or Reebok Classics division) are ‘up 30% this year’ which is proof of their continued success, and bodes very well for the future. Click the image above or the link here to check the video > Complex TV —BokOne


GL 6000 — Cargo Green/Paper White


Sidleing upto the recent Burgundy/White 6000’s are these muted-yet-thoughtfully-treated makeups. I’m rarely a fan of brown or green sneakers, but the sand coloured midsole and flexwave connecting up looks neat at least. Click on for more pics – available now at Urban Industry (UK). —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Ready for another GL 6000 colourway?….

Japanese store Oshmans has hooked up with Reebok Classics to create this refreshingly zesty treatment to the legendary 6000 — I’m actually a big fan of using the heel counter colour to affect the appearance of the 6000 ; one of its most unique details. The lime pops on the stability wave, heel tab and forefoot lacing section are really fresh, while the gold embroidered GL 6000 is a first unless I’m mistaken. More pics/release date/links after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 – Unknown (Brown/Olive/White/Grey)

Within the latest issue of Sneaker Freaker™ magazine (issue #28) is a glimpse of an unreleased pair of GL6000, possibly running with the Olive accents on the midsole, as seen with great effect on the recent Red/Olive 6000’s. There’s no online info on these from what I can see, possibly part of the 2014 releases – I’ll keep ’em peeled. —BokOne

GL 6000 — X-Girl x Reebok


Well, it’s clearly GL 6000 day here at Retrobok HQ, with these surprisingly different makeups appearing courtesy of Reebok and X-Girl in Japan. The 6000 loses its most recognisable details such as the flexwave with the duo-tonal treatment of Navy Suede upper and lipstick-Pink midsole/outsole. Info via Freshnessmag. —BokOne

GL 6000 retro notes

Something I haven’t yet got around to pointing out is that the late-2012 and 2013 GL 6000’s have now done away with the split midsole as seen on the true OG’s from 1986. Shown below are the 2013 Vintages above a 2011 example pair of 6000’s —

I can understand Reeboks thinking here, as viewed from the inside the vertical midsole split on the older 6000’s was quite a stark and blunt piece of design (shown here on the 2010 retro —


The removal of this certainly helps in slimming down the lateral appearance of the 6000, it’s midsole certainly appears very tall. Reebok have also been applying the more accurate ‘stretched vintage’ logo to the LX 8500 Vintage pack, as well as the 2013 GL 6000 Vintage releases — something that I’m happy Reebok took notice of, following a previous Retrobok article 😉


OG DL 5000 logo (L) – Retro’d GL 6000 logo (R)

Reebok Classics are certainly doing a sweet job of getting these retros to point, I’m hoping in particular the stretched logo will continue to be applied to the most relevant retros. —BokOne

Classics Autumn/Winter Lookbook by Sneaker Freaker

Short’n’sweet promo video from Sneaker Freaker Germany, showcasing a few Autumn/Winter releases from Reebok Classics. Featuring the GL 6000 OG retros, Infernos and Ventilators – the LX 8500 is mentioned but doesn’t actually feature. Still a nice bit of fun – enjoy! —BokOne

GL 6000 — Korea — 2 x more!

V54913-1 V54914-1

Blink and you’d miss them! Some more routine detective work led me to Reebok Korea where another 2 ‘unisex’ colourways have appeared, They haven’t appeared officially outside Korea as yet but there’s an sale…) . So, cue some more shots featuring Korean model/singer Sohee, some slightly crunchy GL 6000 statics I spotted at a ‘friends’ Facebook page, and another picture of Sohee being directed by a guy I think I may know 😉 Plenty more images after the jump! Reebok Korea. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Gl 6000 – Red/Olive

Yet another colourway of the stability-focussed 1986 classic has just appeared over at US-based Sneaker Politics. Moving back to a near-monotone treatment to the upper, it considerably simplifies the silhouette — and I rather like them. Sneaker Politics also seem to be selling one of the GL 6000 ‘Marathon Pack’ under the ‘Patriot Pack’ nomenclature, which is confusing; I believe they’ve mixed up slightly — if anyone can clarify, please comment on FB or Twitter. Jump over to Sneaker Politics right now (after you’ve jumped here to check out more pics of this Red/Olive beauty). —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Reeboks’ Retro Runner Invasion — Sneakernews article


Nice article over on Sneakernews chewing the fat on the state of play with Reeboks’ retro runners releases.  Mainly covering the Inferno, LX 8500 and GL 6000 retros, it’s a fun read although very heavy on the click-throughs (I mean, really guys??) Sneakernews —BokOne

GL 6000 — Blue/Cement/White/Black


Alongside the rather superb Marathon Pack makeups of the GL 6000’s over at Reebok USA, are these almost mono-tonal makeups of the 27 year old running legend. Very nice indeed – more pics after the jump, or go there directly > Reebok USA. Thanks to Alex for the info 🙂 —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000…. 3 more colourways in South Korea

I think I need to visit Reeboks’ South Korea website twice a day, to keep up with the number of GL 6000 colourways coming out…. 3 more eye-popping models, the day-glo yellow pair are the boldest yet 😀 Reebok South Korea —BokOne

GL6000 — Rivet Grey/Tin Grey/White

A pair of 6000‘s in a colourway I’d not spotted before – and not to be confused with the Grey/Black/White as seen on the Reebok South Korea website in early 2013. This is something like the 30th colourway for the post-2009 Woven Label 6000 retros, available currently at Reebok USA. —BokOne

Latest! GL6000’s back on the UK high street

While it may seem a little overkill to pronounce this as a ‘momentous’ event, true retro Reeboks’ have not been widely available on the UK high street for some time now — usually requiring online ordering even from stores already existing on the high street. Size? are a good example ; they were recently running 9 ‘Retroboks’ online — but zero in-store. Other familiar UK high-street stores such as Schuh and Office have offered no Retroboks in recent memory (and none online either) whilst JD Sports have been disappearing from the high street, merging into Sports Direct (arguably offering the ubiquitous white Classic and little more). But I’m hoping that Reeboks’ hard work in 2013 is finally seeing results, bringing classic Boks back into the public view. It certainly put a smile on my face seeing these two GL6000 colourways in Size? this lunchtime — let’s hope to see more soon. Each image links directly out. —BokOne