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GL 1500 Athletic — 3 new colourways


Recently appearing at Reebok UK are 3 new colourways of the ‘new retro’ GL 1500 — a shoe I’ve yet to pick up (slacker) but I love due to it’s use of the World Best mid and outsoles – slimmer than used on many other mid-80’s Retroboks. Reebok UK. —BokOne

GL 1500 — Black/Techy Red/White







These leather GL 1500‘s have just appeared on Swedens’ Shelta site, and are looking superb right down to the details. This is a brand new retro shoe from Reebok Classics with a GL 6000-inspired upper, Dash Runner toebox details, and the awesome World Best mid and outsole. The quality of these (as I’ve mentioned before) seems a step above the ERS 1500 retro shoe from last year, which is very reassuring to see. Head on over to Shelta and pick up a pair – Shelta (Sweden) —BokOne

GL 1500 — Leather makeups spotted

Screenshots_2013-06-29-12-18-00 Screenshots_2013-07-03-23-13-51

BokTwo has spotted these 2 very smart makeups of the brand new GL 1500 retro shoe on Instagram and eBay. These leather treatments would put it on a slightly higher quality level than the ERS 1500 and I’m really feeling the slim silhouette of these. Great work Reebok — we’ll be looking out for further release info and posting here when we find it 🙂 —BokOne

GL 1500 — More colourways spotted, and fakes…

There’s some mystery to the recent appearance of the new GL 1500 retro shoe. For example: out of these 3 new colourways, 2 appear to be fake. The giveaways are the strange CL-inspired outsoles and tiny Reebok branding window. The mystery deepens as all 3 are apparently on sale from Polish stores, with one store showing ‘out of stock’ and another with a reduced sale price….! If you’re ordering a pair of these: beware. Lots of pics of these after the jump. ebuty butysportowe / e-megasportsurfdome —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 1500 — White/Excellent Red/Space Grey/Pure Silver


After my post yesterday hoping for more exciting colourways for the new GL 1500 — well my thoughts could not have been answered more immediately. This stunning colourway appears to be directly inspired by the Mens’ 1988 ERS World Road – a particular favourite shoe of mine – right down to the light grey swaybars running up from the midsole. Pre-ordering now from Japans’ Atmos (this ins’t a collaboration incidentally), release date appears to be early/mid July. Click on for more pics, and a side-by-side with the ERS World Road. Thanks to BokTwo for the spot! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok releases new GL 1500 shoe


Well… Reebok Classics continue from the ERS 1500 with this brand new GL 1500 retro bok. Want to see more? Hit the jump!  Read the rest of this entry