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FL 6000 ‘Next Generation Cushioning’ Promo — Reebok Korea

With many more Floatride models recently on the market, I was getting concerned that Reebok had given up on the Floatride 6000 — an ultra-modern shoe inspired by the legendary ’85 GL 6000. But lo and behold here’s a brand new promo video from Reebok Korea.

Still keen to get hold of a pair of these; meanwhile you can check out legendary (ex-Nike) designer Tiffany Beers sharing positive feels on another Floatride model here.

Reebok Korea

Reebok Japan

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Forthcoming: Floatride 6000


I was in two minds whether to post up about this -with Retrobok focussing on pre-2000 shoes and retros. But for those of us who gym, run or exercise in any modern context: if there was a modern performance shoe inspired by the legendary 1985 GL 6000 then we’d want to know about it, right? Hit the jump for more hot air and floating shoes.

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GL snaps from BokTwo

dixy (1)

Dixy – aka BokTwo – is a longtime contributor and has been an invaluable moral Retrobok supporter since we ‘met’ a few years back on the old Crooked Tongues forums (RIP to that legendary place). He’s also a man I’ve been trying to convince to run a Collectors Feature on, particularly as he has a tidy collection with some real OG ‘boks… He recently picked up some GL 3000’s (a ‘new retro’) and took these tidy snaps with others in the GL family – he has many more fwiw 😉 Hit the jump for more angles. -BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Retrobok Wallpapers #2 — GL6000 OG

Wallpaper #2 — GL 6000 OG


Second in a series of Retrobok-prepared Wallpapers, this time featuring a true legend; the 1985 GL6000. Please note that this is the 2015 retro, necessary due to sourcing high-quality photography. —BokOne 

Desktop (Landscape)
4k (4096 x 2160) — UHD1 (3480 x 2160) — QHD Ultrawide (3440 x 1440) — QSXGA (2560 x 1600) — WUXGA (1920 x 1200) — Full HD (1920 x 1080) — HD 720 (1280 x 720)

Mobile (Portrait)
For iPhone/Android users I’ve included wallpapers without the Retrobok logo to allow full use of app icons.
iPhone 6 Plus/Android (1080 x 1920 portrait) —  iPhone 6 Plus/Android (1080 x 1920 portrait, no logo) — iPhone 6 (740 x 1334 portrait) — iPhone 6 (740 x 1334 portrait, no logo) — iPhone 5 (640 x 1136) — iPhone 5 (640 x 1136, no logo)

GL 6000 ANE — Orange/Olive


The focus for many of us Bokheads/Retrobokheads has been away from the ’85 legend GL 6000 for a little while now, since a crazy number of makeups hit global stores from 2010 onwards. Hit the jump for more prattle, images and clicky-clicky-buy-buy.  Read the rest of this entry

Todays’ Retroboks — GL 6000 (Dark Green/Moon White/White)


I rarely take selfies, but as Reebok Classics were kind enough to send me these super-crisp 6000‘s in Green/White, how could I not? 🙂 —BokOne

Highs and Lows X Reebok Classics – LX 8500 – Coming Soon


The Highs and Lows makeup of the GL 6000 (the first boutique collab on that shoe back in 2010 iirc – and to celebrate HAL’s 5th Anniversary) was a tough act to follow, and highly prized by collectors. Notably for it’s bold use of Blacks, Reds and Greys, so it was hopefully inevitable they’d follow up with a similarly inspired collab again in the future.

And here it is: the slightly forgotten LX 8500 retro (the OG was a legend in its’ own lifetime, certainly not in need of any violin playing from me), this time packing a gold/grey blocked out frontal section, and again – and no complaints here – the primary red flexwave and heelstrike midsole details with black contrasting upper.

Can’t see any precise release dates just yet, but will keep ’em peeled. Images via TeamReebok1895 BokOne

GL 6000 CH — Black/Paperwhite/Antique Copper: Pickup, Macro pics and a little fabric history


The most recent addition to my GL 6000 collection is possibly my favourite to date as well. This colourway seems to tick so many personal boxes: muted Black/Grey upper, contemporary colour for the flexwave and midsole blockouts, and… the gold embroidered lettering…mmmmm. Read on for more photos and history…  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 ‘Athletic’ — Walnut

Super-fresh colourway from Reebok Classics for the GL 6000 retro; officially Walnet/Moon White/Mint but I’m chuckling to myself constantly in my head calling them just ‘Athletic Walnut’ 😀 Read on for more images and store link…

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GL 6000 Tech — Henna Brown/Lime — On Sale

This curio recently popped up when I searched over at UK’s Amazon site; the photography makes it hard to see what colour these actually are – a dark brown with dark burgundy? Black or Purple with a yellowed midsole? UPDATE! Apparently these are HENNA BROWN and LIME…. interesting colour choice. The origin of these is from the Express Trainers website – where photography isn’t particularly high on the agenda – but still, a curious makeup of the venerable GL 6000. Click on for more pics and link to sale store.  Read the rest of this entry

Pickup, Review & Detailed pics — GL 6000 Mid (Royal/Blue/Club Blue)


First off: apologies for a lack of posts on Retrobok recently. Fortunately, a new package from Reebok Classics has bumped me into re-allocating some time to the site, with these sweet kicks – the brand-new GL 6000 Mid.

I think you can probably already tell that this is an awesome looking shoe. I’ve seen some of the other crazier colourways (such as the Thatch/Flight Blue/Stadium Red makeup) and those are are on my hitlist already.

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GL 6000 — Cranberry/Blue/White/Grey

reebok-gl-6000-cranberry-1 (1)

Another fresh pair of 6000’s released, featuring one of my favourite colours for this shoe: Burgundy. Sure, it’s not featured heavily but the overall effect is decent enough. I’ve heard grumblings on a few forums that this colourway copies heavily from an Asics Gel-Lyte makeup, although I’ve not seen anything in my Google results that quite justifies this claim! Feel free to post a comment on Facebook if you know the pair. I’ve not seen these on either the official Reebok UK or US stores, but these are available now from some boutiques, with Sneaker Politics (US) the first I can see. Info and some images via Hypebeast. More pics after the jump! —BokOne
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GL 6000 Mid


Well, here they are — spotted back in January by BokTwo the GL 6000 Mid is now available from Reebok UK and is a pretty tasty job by Reebok Classics indeed. Featuring new collar panelling, ingress/egress straps, hiking boot-style metal lace loops and some extra stitching details (notice the X on the sidewrap) these are finished with a nice metallic-effect material on the uppers. The UK is heading into Autumn now, so perhaps it’s the perfect time to pick up a pair 😀 Reebok (UK) —BokOne

TDL GL 6000 (Black/White/Pebble) available 29th August


Just a reminder that the Distinct Life GL 6000‘s are available tomorrow from a few select Reebok stockists globally.

Black GL 6000‘s literally fly off the shelves, and these with the TDL touches and attention to detail (such as the camo embossed leather, gum sole and lace pendant) should be no exception. Hit the jump for a couple more juicy images, and the store links! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 Athletic — Weathered White/Baseball Grey/Chalk



Very artistic palette used on these GL 6000’s, with the rich purple filtering down through a Pink to a metallic Silver and a cream/off-White. Very nicely executed. Click on for more pics and store link! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry