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Pickup: Graphlite Pro GID (Skull Grey/Flat Grey/Lead/Vitamin C)


Excuse the single on-feet shot (above is what you get for now) but I was fortunate to recently pick up the recent Graphlite Pro GID. Hit the jump for more words, coloured shapes and clicky things.  Read the rest of this entry

Graphlite Pro — Macros


The 1993 Graphlite Pro is an insane shoe. Period. Packing Hexalite, a half-cut carbon fiber arch bridge, semi-structural crosschecks, a hyper-light zigzagging laceloop rail, and a ridiculous amount of design details (every one of them impeccably executed on my pair), it’s actually their lightweight that astounds most. Hit the jump for macro photos.  Read the rest of this entry

Graphlite Pro… it lives!


Feauturing an asymetrical carbon fiber arch bridge from the Pump Fury, space-age details, and very very 90’s colourway and patterns on the upper; the 90’s semi-mid Graphlite Pro cross trainer has appeared out of nowhere onto European Reebok websites. This thing is insane. Thanks to Bobby ‘Necro’ Hall for the spot.-BokOne

Reebok (UK) Reebok (France)Reebok (Germany)

Media sections expanded


Some superb retro Reebok promo material sent to me by Zack Schlemmer, mainly 90’s rareties showcasing the mind-boggling Graphlite Pro, the Shawn Kemp promoted 1997 Aftershok, as well as more familiar Blast, Answer IV Low, InstaPump Fury, and DMX Run. Also there’s the World Prix Track & Field Collection, refocussing on Reeboks’ true Track/Field athletic roots. Many many thanks to Zack for these. Check out the 90’s Media Section or use the menus above. —BokOne