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Pickup: Graphlite Pro GID (Skull Grey/Flat Grey/Lead/Vitamin C)


Excuse the single on-feet shot (above is what you get for now) but I was fortunate to recently pick up the recent Graphlite Pro GID. Hit the jump for more words, coloured shapes and clicky things.  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator X Burn Rubber ‘Boblo Boats’


Another superb collab with Reebok Classics in the 25th anniversary year of the Ventilator, and this time it’s Detroits’ Burn Rubber to step up to the blocks. Curios about the name? Continue reading!  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator Supreme – AVAILABLE SOON!


After quite a few months of apprehension, the retro of the mind-boggling Ventilator Supreme is finally here. These first 2 colourways are the first out the gates; hit the jump for more and store link.  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator — Dip Dyed Pack, available now

Available now are these 3 high-contrast colourways of the brutal retro classic Ventilator, as revealed a couple of weeks back here on Retrobok.

For a moment I did wonder if Reebok Classics were taking note of Retrobok opinion on this shoe (deserving more aggressive colourways, being the suggestion). However, the very small time period after my opinion and these appearing casts considerable doubt on that.

Available now from Reebok UK and Culture Kings (Australia) but no sign of them in the US, mainland Europe or Asia at the moment.  —BokOne

Sole Trainer new colourways

The early 90’s Sole Trainer (aka Mantra HXL or Concorde depending which country you lived in during the 90’s) has another set of very lively colourways to earn it more interest – which it certainly deserves (check out the Retrobok quick review here).

The China Red/Seagull makeup we’ve seen recently in some of the boutique stores, but the ‘acid’ Green and ‘energy’ Blue pair are very new and work superbly with the mesh on the upper. I’d actually say the Green pair genuinely look like a 2014 era running shoe, with only the 90’s midsole giving away the retro truth 🙂

Available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne

Ventilator — Steel/Blue/Orange/Grey


Reebok Classics release another new colourway for the brutal Ventilator: a personal favourite of mine. And whilst I like the contrasting Orange/Navy colouration, I feel the Ventilator really lends itself to bolder, higher contrast colourways — something I hope the Classics division will consider.

Slightly curious is the lack of Ventilator meshes on the sidewall, a notable omission considering the shoes’ title. Still, a highly underrated shoe and one I urge you to pick up in a colourway of your own choice 😉 Available now at Reebok (UK) —BokOne

Quick review — Ventilator (Reebok Royal/Paper White/Red, 2013)

Reebok Classics were kind enough to send me a pair of this super-fresh 2013 colourway of the legendary Ventilator. Even though this shoe is famous enough to true sneakerheads, I’ve always felt it didn’t get the spotlight it deserves for its’ unique selling point — the ventilator technology itselfRead the rest of this entry

1990 Mantra HXL = Sole Trainer

Something I’m sure many of you knew; the recently-available ‘Sole Trainer is a retro of the 1990 Mantra HXL. The ‘Sole Trainer‘ name really doesn’t help strengthen its’ 90’s heritage, nor its identity. Either way, it’s a timewarp piece of 90’s Reebok currently available in 2 of the above colourways (in limited sizes) at Amazon UK. —BokOne

Reebok Germany 1990 — It’s shoe time!

Huge thanks to Alexander Schuh for sending me this 1990 Reebok Germany catalogue, which I’ve scanned and added to the Media section. This is a superb piece of archival material featuring ERS, Pumps (including schematic illustrations for different shoe applications), Hexalite, XT series Cross-Trainers, many Womens colourways, and no-frills Tennis shoes too. Plenty more work here for BokOne to update the 1990’s Retrobok Shoe Archives too… Thanks again to Alex 😀 1990 Reebok Germany Catalogue —BokOne

Insta Pump Fury – Green/Grey/White

Another work of art in the form of the retro’d 1994 Insta Pump Fury, this time in a very futuristic Olive Green/Grey/White colourway, with a touch of biege in there too. Good also to see the OG design hexalite cutaways in the rear midsole, which also means these are brand new 2013 editions. I can only see this at Hanon in the UK right now, though these are available in Asia (specifically, Korea). £120 at Hanon. ~BokOne

Energaire Technology

Hidden amongst the Reebok Pump lineup was this fascinating and somewhat forgotten technology called Energaire —

From what I’m aware, Energaire was a 3rd-party technology used by Reebok on the 1991 Pump Walking (below), and the more sober Comfort I (bottom). The technology was also used on shoes by the Spalding company.

A number of Patents define this technology as using fluids or air to transmit between the 2 reservoirs at either end – for the purpose of “encouraging a Walkers’ consistent foot-strike”.  The Pump Walking itself apparently has 3 technologies incorporated – Pump,  Energaire, and Hexalite (supposedly in the heel) making it a shoe with more tech than any other in memory. If you have any more information, please comment below! ~BokOne