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MITA discuss their Insta Pump Fury collab


Sneaker Politics X Reebok Classics — Pump Fury OG ‘Rougarou’

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The “Rougarou” takes its name from a childhood fairytale popular in Lafayette, LA, which describes an imaginary werewolf-type character that kidnaps disobedient youth. Sneaker Politics represented the legendary beast with brown horsehide leather on the upper, laid over with black neoprene for superior fit. These forest-like colors are paired with speckled green and orange through the midsole and at the signature pump. 

Available from Sneaker Politics in the US on April 11th and from Swedens’ SneakersNStuff on April 12th, as well as all Reebok Certified Network stores.

More images after the jump. —BokOne

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Pump Fury — Year of the Snake

I feel like I’m a few days late with this post, the Chinese New Year being on February 10th, but these unique Insta-Pumps are available now at Hanon Shop. I’d be very curious to know the demographic of Chinese and Non-Chinese buyers of shoes like this (I remember a LeBron IV shoe in similiar colourway a few years ago and wondered the same). Whichever way, these are a very unique shoe. Hanon Shop —BokOne

Insta Pump Fury – Green/Grey/White

Another work of art in the form of the retro’d 1994 Insta Pump Fury, this time in a very futuristic Olive Green/Grey/White colourway, with a touch of biege in there too. Good also to see the OG design hexalite cutaways in the rear midsole, which also means these are brand new 2013 editions. I can only see this at Hanon in the UK right now, though these are available in Asia (specifically, Korea). £120 at Hanon. ~BokOne

Insta Pump Fury – Atmos X Jun Watanabe X Reebok

Asia appears to be going crazy for the Insta Pump Fury right now (whilst those of us in the cold wet UK suffer the weather, and only a handful of colourways because of that ) and these are right off the scale: only Japan could produce makeups this fantastical 😀 Available for pre-order from  Japanese store ZOZO. Via SneakerFreaker ~BokOne

Pump Furys in Korea

The Insta Pump Fury currently runs 6 bold colourways over at Reebok South Korea, 8 if you include the 2 cute Kids’ variants – with what I believe are working Pumps! If somebody could explain to me the difference in the rear sole windows (triangular vs hexalite panel) – in the adults versions – I’d be interested to know. Click the image to jump over to Reebok Korea. ~BokOne

Thanks to Tony Chao for this info —  “the triangular windows are all Pump Fury pre SS 2013. Starting 2013, we switched back to OG Fury with the Hexalite windows

Insta Pump Fury – Atmos x Reebok (Snake/British Camo)

It’d be a fair criticism of Retrobok for not covering other classic Boks’ as much as the usual runners. Often I’m not sure myself where to draw the line: but anything originating pre-2000, or emulating classics since then, or indeed featuring classic tech such as Hexalite should be covered here, and Reeboks’ unique Insta Pump has been sorely overlooked here on Retrobok.   Read the rest of this entry

Reebok X Marvel

Spiderman Pump FurysCaptain America VentilatorsWolverine Pump Fury HLS… excited yet? Even the Sabertooth Night Sky Mids look a lot of fun!

marvel-sabretooth-reebok-night-sky-mid-4-1.jpeg (646×430)

The inner soles look collectable on their own ;

More images over at a multitude of Sneaker sites, like HighSnobiety