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Interview – David Foster

Retrobok is hugely fortunate to have interviewed David Foster, revealing some fascinating insights into Reeboks’ history. David is the 8th generation of the Foster family involved in shoemaking — his Father Joe and Uncle Jeff started Reebok from the ashes of the J.W. Fosters company in 1958. David himself was directly involved in the design and manufacture of some of Reeboks’ most succesful shoes in the 1980’s. Read on for a glimpse into Reeboks’ most important years — and to discover the influence from Volvo Cars … Read the rest of this entry

2004 JW Foster Collection

Continuing Retroboks‘ history updates, here are some photos and press release for the 2004 collection inspired by original JW Fosters shoes. They look like an immaculately researched and executed collection – and it’s great to see Reebok do on occasion acknowledge their heritage. 
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Early Reebok & JW Foster Shoes

Retrobok continues to investigate Reeboks‘ history with this gallery of JW Fosters’ and Reeboks’ earliest shoes. From the late 1800’s to the 1960’s they clearly show the craftsmanship and early innovation that helped make Reebok the global success it is today.

1900 – Foster Deluxe Spike

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Fosters Famous Shoes

Retrobok unearthed a superbly detailed article about the history of the Foster family and Reeboks’ roots. 2 facts stand out most: Reeboks’ track success can be traced back to Cricket shoes, and for a short period JW Fosters and Reebok were rival companies.
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