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JW Fosters advertisements (1965—1970)

JW Sept 1970

“Apollo” training shoe, September 1970 (year TBC)

Another set of superb adverts showcasing some of the JW Fosters companys’ output in the later years of it’s existence. Remembering that in 1958, Reebok had been formed by disgruntled Foster family members seeing what Adidas and Puma were achieving with cheaper technology, thus leaving the original JW Fosters company to struggle onward. Continue reading… Read the rest of this entry

1968 JW Foster & Sons “Rugby Boots”

Another gem from David Gumbley, who informs me this advert is from early 1968. Bear in mind firstly, that Reebok itself was born in 1958 from JW Fosters which struggled onwards for a number of years — precisely how many I’ve yet to ascertain. If you happen to know when JWF officially closed please let me know. The boot itself has a curious ‘crown’ detail on the side of the shoe, whilst the advert itself reveals a glimpse of the hardworking nature of shoemaking for the Fosters (‘phone … until 11pm’), whether this was the norm or a result of their struggling business I am unclear. Shortly I’ll consider creating a new section here on Retrobok to catalogue JW Fosters shoes. Remember to take a look at the revised History section too. ~BokOne

Interview – David Foster

Retrobok is hugely fortunate to have interviewed David Foster, revealing some fascinating insights into Reeboks’ history. David is the 8th generation of the Foster family involved in shoemaking — his Father Joe and Uncle Jeff started Reebok from the ashes of the J.W. Fosters company in 1958. David himself was directly involved in the design and manufacture of some of Reeboks’ most succesful shoes in the 1980’s. Read on for a glimpse into Reeboks’ most important years — and to discover the influence from Volvo Cars … Read the rest of this entry