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London TC —Unboxing & Macros


The 1983 Reebok London is a bit of a rarety within the current release of retros’ from Reebok Classic, primarily as it was a true road-race shoe back in the day. It also sits alongside last years release of the Aztec OG in this regard; especially when you experience the shoes side-by-side each having a lightness and thinness that even modern Nike runners would find hard to match.

Beyond this, the London TC has a parallel with recent Kendrick Lamar collabs that may surprise you. Hit the jump for more macros and eulogizing… Read the rest of this entry

Kendrick Lamar X Reebok Classic QS


Kendrick Lamar returns with another Reebok collaboration, this time working with Garbstores’ Ian Paley; a man who’s own Reebok collaborations – predominantly featuring the ‘outside in’ concept – have been praised by many, myself included. Hit the jump for more images and thoughts.  Read the rest of this entry

How Reebok signed Kendrick Lamar

Blindingly-good interview by Complex with Reeboks’ Director of Entertainment Marketing Damion Presson, telling the story of how Reebok and Kendrick Lamar worked together.

The shoes had a message to them, so it was more than just Reebok putting out a shoe with another artist. These shoes are speaking to the youth in a different way, as opposed to how the other artists are putting out footwear… I think that Kendrick has a message behind his shoes.


From a personal point-of-view, the collaborations’ real success is ‘authenticity in message‘, and long may it continue. Hit the jump over to Complex to read one of the best Reebok interviews for a while now. -BokOne

Classic Leather — Relaunch with Kendrick Lamar

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 1.41.46 PM
Reebok Classics‘ brand ambassador Kendrick Lamar dropped into ol’ blighty recently for some surprise appearances and to share much Reebok love. Hit the jump for video, and a shot of Star Wars’ John Boyega rocking a pair of CL’s for himself. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator OG retro — 17.01.15


Reebok Classics are shortly releasing the Ventilator OG pack, starting with the OG 1990 Chalk/Grey/Green colourway. Read on, and for more images and release info… Read the rest of this entry