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Renarts x LX 8500 ‘Dead End Kids’


Apparently inspired by the off-field behaviour of the 1986 New York Mets team, these stunning LX 8500’s feature an all-black leather upper, with a Mets-Blue suede toecap, and orange piping on the medial (inner) side of the shoe representing the neon signs at the Mets’ Shea stadium. Hit the jump for more photography and keyboard mashing. Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 new colourways now available @ Reebok UK

Title says it all 😉 Reebok UK —BokOne


LX 8500 — New colourways coming soon at Atmos, Japan


Whether Reebok Classics have done a bang-up job here or not is upto you: Do these new LX 8500 colourways elicit excitement and interest, or do they simply get ignored and passed-by?

It’s a tricky one because on the one hand sure, they’re not eye-popping colourways and to the ordinary person on the street they’re not even going to notice the difference between these and the Athletic Navy/Railroad Grey retros from last year (remember that only the Railroad Grey/Athletic Navy – in that order – was the OG colourway).

On the other hand: well this is the LX 8500: a (now vintage) luxury running shoe from 1985. It doesn’t need fluorescent colourways, mesh uppers or coloured midsoles to bring it up-to-date: that would miss the point entirely.

Another point to mention is that the lighter of the pair (Graphite/Steel/Weathered White) at the top of the page are strikingly similar to the mid-2000’s retros of the LX — of which there were many colourways, mainly available in Asia if I remember correctly.

Available to pre-order from the Atmos site, their website suggests they will be available on 18th July. More images after the jump—BokOne Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 — 3 new colourways, available


The above 3 new retro LX 8500 colourways are now available from Reebok UK, the Red/Black pair looking particularly badass: taking the fight to the myriad of colourways on the GL 6000. Great stuff 😀 Reebok UK —BokOne

LX 8500 — Grey/Burgundy


Second new colourway for the LX 8500 retro, following on from the recent Black/Green pair. I wasn’t blown away on first seeing these Burgundy/Greys, but they have a retro charm to them and it’s certainly a unique colour combination. Read on for more waffle, imagery and link.  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 Black/Green


As expected, and spotted by Retrobok nearly 6 months ago now, alternative colourways of the 1986 flagship LX 8500 shoe are starting to appear in global stores. As usual, Switzerlands’ bewildering Titolo are selling this handsome Black/Green pair earlier than most — check them out now. Titolo (Switzerland) —BokOne

Rumour — LX 8500 collabs with Highs & Lows, Sneaker Freaker?


Somebody has mentioned to me that HAL (Highs and Lows – Perth, Australia) and Sneaker Freaker (Melbourne, Australia) have completed their collab work on their own LX 8500 makeups. The first two retro’d colourways have been on the shelves for a few months now, and with Christmas looming I’m not expecting to see new collabs this side of the New Year — but it means that 2014 is already looking promising 🙂 —BokOne

LX 8500 pick up (finally!)

Very very happy to finally have a pair of the legendary 1986 LX 8500 retro. Great work Reebok.

LX 8500 now available in Korea

Both colourways now available from Reebok Korea – though not Japan yet it seems. Reebok Korea.—BokOne

LX 8500 now available from Reebok UK & US Stores


The LX 8500 has now appeared on Reeboks’ official UK store in the railroad grey colourway at £90. In the US both colourways are available (slightly tough pill to swallow for UK Reebok fans it has to be said), but ahead of the September release date the global boutique stores have been waiting for. These haven’t yet appeared on the Asian or other European Reebok store sites from what I can see. Reebok UK / Reebok US. —BokOne

Reeboks’ Retro Runner Invasion — Sneakernews article


Nice article over on Sneakernews chewing the fat on the state of play with Reeboks’ retro runners releases.  Mainly covering the Inferno, LX 8500 and GL 6000 retros, it’s a fun read although very heavy on the click-throughs (I mean, really guys??) Sneakernews —BokOne

Hanon Shop — ’91 Inferno & LX 8500’s arriving September


One of the UK’s stalwart sneaker stores, Hanon Shop, recently confirmed to me that the LX 8500 will be available in September, good news for anyone who missed the Railroad Grey colourway available early at a few stores like Titolo and Asphalt Gold. But also available on pre-order right now is the 1991 Inferno, boasting Hexalite cushioning with a suede upper these are looking pretty damn tidy. Both available September, pre-order from Hanon now. —BokOne

LX 8500 — Red/Black colourway, CL full grain leathers


Over at PumpMyLife blog are these pics of more 2013/2014 Reebok Classics releases, including Pump Blacktops, Ventilators, ERS 2000’s, the full-grain leather CL’s shown above… and another bold new colourway for the – yet unreleased – LX 8500 (far right – you can also spy the green colourway hiding behind.). As BokTwo pointed out, you can clearly see the reflective 3M arc on the 8500’s, picked up behind the black CL’s. PumpMyLife —BokOne


LX 8500 — Third 2013 colourway sneak peek

Photo 30-05-2013 13 49 34

BokTwo has been wearing his detectives’ Trilby & Macintosh and hunted us down this sneak peek of another LX 8500 colourway. Without an insert it’s lost its silhouette a little, and I’m rather mixed about this colourway if I’m honest – but moreover I’m really hoping that Reebok stagger the new colourways until after the 2 Vintage Pack shoes drop. BokTwo is working hard on getting quality shots of the other new colourways, will post up as soon as he does – thanks Dixy 😀 —BokOne

LX8500 – Vintage Pack 2013 – Close Ups


Click on for close ups of the LX 8500 Vintage Pack shoes.  Read the rest of this entry