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24 Kilates x Reebok LX8500 “Bangkok”

Sweet, sweet promo for Barcelonas’ 24 Kilates take on the venerable 1985 LX 8500 – a colourway which certainly captures the bright colours and vibrancy of Bangkok with a shoe inspired by the cities own Tuk Tuks.

I’m seeing slightly mixed messages about release dates ; so let’s say from today (12th March) most likely from 24 Kilates themselves, and a few days later from other boutique/certified network stores. Either way, I’d jump in and punch any available orders to make sure not to miss them. Hit the jump for more photos from the shoot, and store links. —BokOne

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LX 8500 ‘Exotics’ (Womens)


Curious treatment to the venerable LX 8500, this. Always pleased to see womens makeups of Retroboks, so it’ll be interesting to see how popular this Rose/Clay/Stone/Chalk colourway proves itself to be. The lizard/snakeskin texture and nubuck upper helps explain the exotics name. Hit the jump for a couple more images and the store link. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 advert — Our Past is the Future of Running (1986)


I’m surprised myself that I’d not found this sooner, but it’s fantastic to see an original 1986 advert for the LX 8500 (the year can be feintly seen in the bottom right corner). The advert naturally covers the 4 main ‘technologies’ of the LX ; the Reebound™ midsole, patented embossed pigskin upper, Goodyear® Indy 500® outsole and of course the 3M Scotchlite™ reflective trim on the heel wrap. That’s enough ®’s and ™’s for one sentence…

The ad also mentions the shoes’ availability from Cal Sports which I think it would be safe to presume that this was a US print advert.

Added to Retroboks’ 80’s Media section – plenty more in there to investigate! —BokOne

LX 8500 — Moon White/Walnut/Green — Steel/Royal/Flat Grey


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New LX8500 colourways spotted in Korea

2 ‘fruity’ new makeups of the luxury classic LX8500 have recently appeared over at Reebok Koreas’ website (who often provide the earliest glimpses of new colourways). The colour blocking is pretty dramatic, with the toebox and lateral getting their own secondary colouring — and actually when you look at last years’ OG retro, through to the ‘second phase’ and these latest (third phase?) you can see a basic lineage (image below) —


I’ll be honest that I’m somewhat mixed about these new treatments; they’re certainly bold but not personally my thing — the veteran LX (originally a Mens only shoe) only feels right with strong, no-nonsense colourways. But perhaps I’m being a bit old-fashioned… Newer generations than me will vote with their cash.

Available currently at Reebok Korea.  —BokOne

LX 8500 — Fall/Winter ‘Woven Label’


More new LX 8500 colourways are apparently forthcoming from Reebok stockists, though I’ve not spotted any online just yet. I’m a slightly bit concerned that some of the retro LX colourways are getting a little too similiar (the royal reds for example, run close to the recent signal red colourway), and the further use of dark greys and navys in the colourways above isn’t helping either. But as I mentioned in a previous post – the leather LX doesn’t lend itself to brighter colours – I do appreciate that it’s a tricky design challenge for Reebok Classics to keep the designs varied but ‘on point’. More pictures after the jump. Info via Freshnessmag. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 Black/Green


As expected, and spotted by Retrobok nearly 6 months ago now, alternative colourways of the 1986 flagship LX 8500 shoe are starting to appear in global stores. As usual, Switzerlands’ bewildering Titolo are selling this handsome Black/Green pair earlier than most — check them out now. Titolo (Switzerland) —BokOne

Rumour — LX 8500 collabs with Highs & Lows, Sneaker Freaker?


Somebody has mentioned to me that HAL (Highs and Lows – Perth, Australia) and Sneaker Freaker (Melbourne, Australia) have completed their collab work on their own LX 8500 makeups. The first two retro’d colourways have been on the shelves for a few months now, and with Christmas looming I’m not expecting to see new collabs this side of the New Year — but it means that 2014 is already looking promising 🙂 —BokOne

Crooked Tongues wax lyrical about the LX 8500 Vintage Pack

In the world of sneaker blogging, the daily ritual of posting the latest links to new (or old!) kicks can result in empty and impassioned content. Nice to see Crooked Tongues waxing lyrical about the LX 8500, explaining a little about what it was back in the day and why it’s an on-point retro. Nothing like some history and emotion to get sneakerheads attention 🙂 Read over at Crooked Tongues —BokOne

LX 8500 now available from Reebok UK & US Stores


The LX 8500 has now appeared on Reeboks’ official UK store in the railroad grey colourway at £90. In the US both colourways are available (slightly tough pill to swallow for UK Reebok fans it has to be said), but ahead of the September release date the global boutique stores have been waiting for. These haven’t yet appeared on the Asian or other European Reebok store sites from what I can see. Reebok UK / Reebok US. —BokOne

LX8500 vs LX-8500

photo (3)

BokTwo has taken some superb side-by-side shots of the 2013 Vintage Pack LX 8500 with its’ mid-2000’s predecessor retro — a quite significant shoe regardless of it’s inaccuracies, particularly because it was one of Reeboks’ earliest and significant retro’s.  Click on to see the images, thanks again to BokTwo — a man with a collection we must feature sometime…. 😉 —BokTwo  Read the rest of this entry

Hanon Shop — ’91 Inferno & LX 8500’s arriving September


One of the UK’s stalwart sneaker stores, Hanon Shop, recently confirmed to me that the LX 8500 will be available in September, good news for anyone who missed the Railroad Grey colourway available early at a few stores like Titolo and Asphalt Gold. But also available on pre-order right now is the 1991 Inferno, boasting Hexalite cushioning with a suede upper these are looking pretty damn tidy. Both available September, pre-order from Hanon now. —BokOne

LX 8500 — Red/Black colourway, CL full grain leathers


Over at PumpMyLife blog are these pics of more 2013/2014 Reebok Classics releases, including Pump Blacktops, Ventilators, ERS 2000’s, the full-grain leather CL’s shown above… and another bold new colourway for the – yet unreleased – LX 8500 (far right – you can also spy the green colourway hiding behind.). As BokTwo pointed out, you can clearly see the reflective 3M arc on the 8500’s, picked up behind the black CL’s. PumpMyLife —BokOne


More LX 8500 colourways in the pipeline

BokTwo reports that over on the Crooked Tongues forum, a user by the name of kidos74 has mentioned another 3 colourways to the LX 8500 – one of which is pictured above – whilst confirming the delayed September drop. Him working for does suggest he knows his oats (though if I was to be honest I’d say thedropdate is somewhat lacking in Reebok updates). All good though — post up your thoughts if you wish 🙂 —BokOne


LX8500 — Vintage Pack F/W 2013 — Full images

mastheadClick on for the full set of images of these forthcoming legends.
Available from July 1st 2013

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