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eBay spot — Paris Edge OG

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A very clean pair of OG Paris Edges‘ have appeared on eBay UK, following a different pair that was spotted earlier in the year. Very interesting shoe, with its unique toe box lacking any reinforcing toe-wrap, the blue wrap overlay at the front, and of course being a ‘Paris’ shoe it features the same outsole as the Paris Runner. Many thanks to Ritchie for making me aware of this – images can be clicked for a closer look. Available now in UK Size 9 at eBay UK—BokOne

eBay spot — Paris Edge?

paris_racer (2)

*Article updated* BokTwo spotted these fascinating Retroboks’ on eBay, which he now believes are the Paris Edge. Being hand-made in England, these were possibly in the ’82-’85 era — I wonder if these were made by David Foster himself? Available now in UK 10.5 size on eBay UK. More pics after the jump! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry