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GL 2620 — Closer look


Reebok Classics sent me a couple of pairs of the recently-released GL 2620 — another ‘new retro shoe’ following on from the ERS 1500 and GL 1500, all of which are budget/mid-range shoes, and all of which take cues from OG classic Reeboks in different ways.

With the release of the 2620 (a number I’m still not understanding the significance of – why not GL 3000 perhaps?…), there were a few things I wanted to understand. Firstly, how much of a lovechild of the Phase I/Phase II and the GL 6000 are they? Secondly, why do some of the shoes not have the name stitched on the heel counter? And thirdly, how is the quality? Read on…  Read the rest of this entry

Phase II retro — Korean colourways emerging

As I mentioned a few days ago, I need to visit Reebok Koreas’ website at least twice a day to keep up… just spotted 3 fresh colourways of the Phase II retro, and fresh they are too. Reebok Korea: 두드러진! Phase II (Reebok Korea) —BokOne