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Garbstore X Reebok — Pump Dual Running, Inferno


With some striking photography, and a familiar makeup that has become synonymous with London-based Garbstore, the Pump Running Dual Mid, and Inferno get the Outside In get 2 treatments this time around. The Running Dual Mid in particular ‘just works’, with the rounded panelling at the midpoint of the shoe providing both a forwards movement, and a focal point for the Pump itself. The Inferno, with its brightly speckled midsole is either complicated or wonderful, depending on your point of view, but is certainly striking (pun fully intended). Hit the jump to see more pics and store link. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

SALE! Pump Running Dual, CL Trail (UK)

UK’s Express Trainers have been a little quiet with true Retrobok shoes for a while, but with Phase III’s recently appearing – a revisit paid off by revealing they’re now selling the CL Trail and Pump Running Duals shown above…. for silly money. If I’m correct, those Pumps were selling for well over £100 on Reeboks official site just a few months back, so at £55 these are a steal.

The CL Trail (not the most flattering photo above, it has to be said) is a genuinely superb ‘new retro’ shoe – inspired by the Classic Leather, but with a waterproof sealed upper, an outsole inspired by the 80’s Fjell Runners and is fleece-lined, superb for cold or wet weather conditions. I’m a big fan of these, and at £33… well, worth adding to your collection. Express Trainers (UK). —BokOne

Proper x Reebok Classics — Pump Running Dual


California-based Proper teams up with Reebok Classics to release this sober, but very smart rendition of the Pump Running Dual — the gold tongue is a particularly nice, luxurious touch. Apparently 3 colourways by Proper were proposed 4 or 5 years ago but never saw the light of day on the street, but this Navy/Green/Gold pair is available from Proper very shortly. Proper (USA). —BokOne

Pump Running Dual — OG colourway video

Part of the Q1 2014 Pump Vintage Pack”, the Pump Running Dual looks pretty damn sweet in it’s OG 1991 colourway. Expected to drop March 1st, which is soon! Watch this space 🙂 —BokOne

Pump Running Dual — ‘Suede Pack’?

3 very smart makeups of the Running Dual now available from Reebok UK, and no doubt many other global Reebok outlets. These could almost be called the ‘Suede’ pack, but Reeboks’ own online store doesn’t provide any details. Reebok UK. —BokOne