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Alien Stomper ‘Super High’ Ellen Ripley — coming soon


As predicted by Retrobok following the recent news about the ‘Bishop’ edition Alien Stomper; lo and behold and finally… finallyReebok Classics are to release the first ever mainstream edition of the ‘Alien Stomper’ film prop worn by Sigourney Weaver in the mindblowing 1986 Aliens movie. Read on for more images, comms chatter and release date.  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 advert — Our Past is the Future of Running (1986)


I’m surprised myself that I’d not found this sooner, but it’s fantastic to see an original 1986 advert for the LX 8500 (the year can be feintly seen in the bottom right corner). The advert naturally covers the 4 main ‘technologies’ of the LX ; the Reebound™ midsole, patented embossed pigskin upper, Goodyear® Indy 500® outsole and of course the 3M Scotchlite™ reflective trim on the heel wrap. That’s enough ®’s and ™’s for one sentence…

The ad also mentions the shoes’ availability from Cal Sports which I think it would be safe to presume that this was a US print advert.

Added to Retroboks’ 80’s Media section – plenty more in there to investigate! —BokOne

LX 8500 Black/Green


As expected, and spotted by Retrobok nearly 6 months ago now, alternative colourways of the 1986 flagship LX 8500 shoe are starting to appear in global stores. As usual, Switzerlands’ bewildering Titolo are selling this handsome Black/Green pair earlier than most — check them out now. Titolo (Switzerland) —BokOne

Advert of the day — 1986 Reebok London

1986 Reebok London

From Retroboks’ extensive 80’s Media Section. —BokOne

BB 4600 Vintage


I haven’t heard much fanfare about the release of these Vintage BB 4600‘s, which is a real shame for a number of reasons. Firstly they were one of Reeboks’ earliest succesfull Basketball shoes born back in 1986 ; 3—4 years before the arrival of The Pump.

Secondly, Reebok Classics have done their on-point Vintage treatment on these with off-white midsoles, yellowed glue, and the accurate ‘stretched’ Reebok logo in the side window (non-OG colourways of the BB 4600 don’t get this treatment please note, a nice touch by Reebok Classics). Also, modern-day accoutrements such as ‘Reebok Classics’ on the tongue label have been removed, to heighten that OG authentic feel. And I absolutely love them, especially the Red/White — so 80’s they hurt!

The BB 4600 Vintage — a ‘quiet’ Classic then. Available now from Reebok UK.


More LX 8500 colourways in the pipeline

BokTwo reports that over on the Crooked Tongues forum, a user by the name of kidos74 has mentioned another 3 colourways to the LX 8500 – one of which is pictured above – whilst confirming the delayed September drop. Him working for does suggest he knows his oats (though if I was to be honest I’d say thedropdate is somewhat lacking in Reebok updates). All good though — post up your thoughts if you wish 🙂 —BokOne


GL 6000 — Mens OG colourway available again, vintaged

2013_vintage_OG3 Now this is curious… Reebok UK are now selling the OG Mens GL6000 colourway, with the yellowed vintage treatment midsole – as seen on the forthcoming LX8500 Vintage Pack. However, there’s no mention of the vintage treatment on their website. Additionally, they now have the red stitched ‘GL6000’ on the heel counter (the 2010 Woven Label retros had black stitching), sadly the inaccurate Reebok logotype is used on the side windows here. But still kind of exciting because it means right now you can buy both the OG Mens and Womens  colourways for this legend. Click on for close ups. Reebok UK —BokOne

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LX8500 retro confirmed — heading to shops shortly

LX8500 original (1986)

My very reliable source informs me that the Woven Label retros’ of the 1986 classic are heading out the specialist stores shortly. It needs to be re-stated that the early 2000’s retros of the 8500 (using similiar moulds/lasts and treatments as the GL6000 and 6500 retros of the same era) were not particularly accurate (examples shown below), so this is the first proper treatment this legendary retrobok has had [EDIT – I have not sourced any photos of the newer retro yet]

LX8500 retro mk.I – no midsole details (early 2000’s)

LX8500 retro mk.II – notice the slightly more accurate stability wave (early 2000’s)

That’s not to diminish the 2000’s retros, which were in fact a glimpse of the future — at the time apart from the ubiquitous (and nefarious) Classic Leathers there was little in the way of retro’d Reeboks from the 80’s or indeed 90’s. My source also confirms more 90’s retros are on the way, so those of you excited about Inferno’s should see some love soon.  Finally, Retrobok is also expecting more advance information about releases – exciting times! Keep dropping in 😉 —BokOne

GL 6000 – Navy/Navy/White

Yep. Mere minutes after I updated the GL 6000 Field Guide, I spot another new colourway for 2013. This time in a sober Navy/Navy/White – quite different to the rainbow treatments we’re starting to see eminating from Reebok Korea. Available now at UK’s Brandosa. ~BokOne

OG 1986 London Runners on eBay

These original ’86 London Runners were spotted on eBay (thanks once again to DIXY) and reveal some interesting details. The contrasting Red and Blue heel tabs are  something pretty unique and perhaps, dare I say it – flashy, and a Vibram-branded sole which has a parallel with the 1986 GL6000‘s Goodyear-branded soles. It’s nice to have a bit of light shed on a forgotten shoe. Currently taking bids on eBAY UK.

More pics after the jump. ~BokOne

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ACT 600 re-issues

Now this is a surprise – the 1985 ACT 600 Tennis shoe has appeared re-issued on UK site Brandosa in both White and Black colourways. It’s hardly the most exciting looking shoe, but no doubt proved a reliable and stable piece of equipment for Tennis Players with finest garment leather uppers and (at the time) a removable custom-moulded cushion insert. Here’s the original ’85 advert (be sure check out the Adverts/Catalogues section here on Retrobok). Click on for more images of the ACT 600.

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