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Ventilator Vintage OG (Chalk/Sushi Green/Solar Pink/Rivet Grey) + promo kit + macro pics

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The Reebok Ventilator is now a staggering 25 years old. Reebok Classics have been sweet as a nut sending me out the latest ‘retrobok’ to get some special focus, this time with a whole promo kit for the 1990 shoe here in its’ ‘vintage’ outing and the first of a staggered 3-part colourway release.

So let’s begin…

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1990 — ERS Physics & Gravity


Short and sweet this one, focussing on some rarer ERS models such as the Defiance ERS, Instructor ERS and ERS Tech Walker. Huge thanks again to TheReebokKid for these scans. 1990 — ERS Physics & Gravity —BokOne

1990 TechTan – Football shoes range


A neat catalogue showcasing Reeboks’ rarer Football (Soccer) footwear, including their revolutionary TechTan — a waterproof, stretchproof material. The 4 shoe ranges — Attaq, Impaq, Vitaq. Contaq — each feature 3 shoes, one with screw-in studs, another with moulded soft-studs, and a trainer. Very neatly designed shoes they are too. Thanks to TheReebokKid once again for these scans. —BokOne

90’s Media — 1990 TechTan Football

1991 — Pump It Up! brochure


Nice little brochure scan again provided by TheReebokKid showcasing The Pump™, Pump Court Victory, Omni Zone, Twilight Zone, AXT and SXT. It also nicely encapsulates Reeboks’ early marketing attempts to expand the Pump’s appeal from the nascent Basketballing to Tennis and Training. Once again, huge thanks to TheReebokKid. —BokOne

1991 — Pump It Up! brochure

3 more brochures added to Media section


More fantastic archive material provided by TheReebokKid has been added to the Media section. A superb advert/Christmas card from 1989 (above), with a hard-to-identify pair of shoes (they look like the World Road, but have a taller midsole unit which has curious density inserts and angled toe grip on the sole unit). (Read on …) Read the rest of this entry

More 80’s/90’s Catalogues added to Media Section


A further 7 Catalogues and Brochures have been added to the Media section — 3 into 80’s Media and 4 into 90’s Media. Featuring everything from the familiar ERS, Pump and Hexalite to less familiar shoes for Racket sports, Aerobics, Volleyball, Golf and …. Cycling!

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Huge thanks once again to contributor TheReebokKid for these superb scans. —BokOne

Phase III — Red/Tetra Blue/White

A new colourway of the early 90’s Phase III runner has appeared over on Urban Industry, mixing primary Blues and Reds and a Suede/Synthetic upper. The bold colourway of this shoe matches up with similar colour blocking on recent Phase III retro’s. A nice touch – accidental or not – is that the recent Phase II colourways have gone a similiar route, but with more pastel colour choices. More pics after the jump. Buy now from Urban Industry. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok Germany Catalogue 1991 – It’s Shoetime!


Another Catalogue scan added to Retroboks‘ Media section — this time an early ’91 example sent to me by OXE at Germanys’ Overkill. Some genuinely curious finds within this one as shown above ; the Classic Leather got a brief 1990’s restyle, the Pump Omni Zone had a Pumpless brother called The Zone (it had ERS at least). Check out the full Catalogue in the Media section, or by clicking the following link. Thanks again to OXE 😀 1991 Reebok Germany Catalogue – It’s Shoetime! Kollektion 1/91 —BokOne

1991 Reebok Germany Catalogue – The Consequence of Sport

Fifty unbelievable pages of rare early-90’s Retroboks in this German 1991 catalogue, sent to me by OXE from Overkill BerlinVentilator Supremes, Aero Step Pro,  Workout Ultras, and that’s before you get to the Pumps… Double Pump, Omni Zones, Battleground, and surely super-rare Pump Vector Zone. There’s 2 more of these Catalogues to be added to the archives (hopefully this week), with many more surprises too… jump in, and thanks again OXE! 1991 Reebok Germany Catalogue – The Consequence of Sport —BokOne

Huge updates to Retrobok Shoe Archives


Dozens of shoe models from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s added to their respective pages — the 90’s page has gained most,  following the 1990 Germany Catalogue I received recently (6 fine examples shown above, though the bottom 2 are technically 80’s shoes). Thanks again to Alexander Schuh for sending me the 1990 Reebok Germany catalogue 🙂 —BokOne

Additional : These pages are now becoming so expansive, I’m looking for a Photo Sharing site solution for the Retrobok Shoe Archives to move into. If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments. The usual contenders (flickr, photobucket etc…) are not ideal for this purpose it seems… ~b1

Reebok Germany 1990 — It’s shoe time!

Huge thanks to Alexander Schuh for sending me this 1990 Reebok Germany catalogue, which I’ve scanned and added to the Media section. This is a superb piece of archival material featuring ERS, Pumps (including schematic illustrations for different shoe applications), Hexalite, XT series Cross-Trainers, many Womens colourways, and no-frills Tennis shoes too. Plenty more work here for BokOne to update the 1990’s Retrobok Shoe Archives too… Thanks again to Alex 😀 1990 Reebok Germany Catalogue —BokOne


Welcome to the heavily updated RetrobokMedia section – now with 4 huge pages featuring the Webs biggest collection of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s Reebok Catalogues and Advertising material. Very special thanks to DefyNewYork, DIXY and David Gumbley for providing material and permission, and to David Foster also.

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