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What the Pump?

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Now this is a piece of genius.

Featuring cat memes, classic 80’s TV and film imagery, historical Pump photographs, Eighties celebrities, new Reebok Classics products and some more risque imagery for good measure this ‘pop up’ site is simple yet hugely entertaining.

I’m not 100% sure it’s official, but I hope this gets shared widely through social networks, awesome fun! —BokOne

More 80’s Catalogue scan additions!


I’m very happy to announce further additions to the burgeoning Media section with a superb set of scans of late 80’s Reebok Catalogues, Flyers and Brochures. Added are 3 x 1988 mini-catalogues (covers shown above), mini leaflets for the 1986 RTP, Rugged Walker, and later Step Trainer Pro, and a 1990 mini-brochure for the Pump range. Read on for more.  Read the rest of this entry

eBay spot — Hurricane (Teal/White)


$_12 (4)


A slew of Vintage Reeboks have appeared on eBay UK recently, providing some invaluable photos of very rare Retroboks — and these are no exception. At first I thought they maybe the Aztec II, but with the 70’s trackstar outsole removed. Then, checking the Retrobok Shoe Archives I discovered these are actually the Hurricane – a trainer that I only had 2 catalogue scan images of previously, shown below in Mens’ colourways. Thanks again to Ritchie for making me aware of these, click on for more images of the Hurricane. Currently at eBay UK. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Sizzlin’ Hot Reebok — 1984/85 Advert

Superb 1984/85 advert for the Freestyle Hi-Top™, just added to the 80’s Media Section. Many thanks to Zack Schlemmer. —BokOne

Reebok 1984 – How your shoes are made

A rare insight into Reeboks’ UK craftsmanship process when most of their shoes were being manufactured in Korea. In this article, a pair of Freedom of the City’s are hand-made (already a 5 year old design by ’84) while brand new Reebok London’s are also briefly shown. Each image is clickable for higher resolution viewing. Once again, many thanks to David Gumbley~BokOne

Click the jump for the remaining images.  Read the rest of this entry

Coming soon! HUGE collection of printed Reebok material

I’m extremely pleased to announce that I’ll be adding a MASSIVE collection of printed Reebok advertising material & catalogues to Retrobok — courtesy of a keen collector. The material is hugely useful for seeing shoe lineage, Reebok branding and advertising history, and for improving the accuracy on the 70’s / 80’s / 90’s pages here on Retrobok. Watch this space! ~BokOne

Huge updates to 80’s & 90’s pages

The 80’s and 90’s pages have had a solid update this weekend – particularly to include the missing Pump® range. The 90’s page now lists 44 shoes, while the 80’s page lists a massive 76. As always, please feedback with correction or additions! ~BokOne