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Reebok Bolton retro


With some interesting parallels to the Ventilator Supreme, the 1992 Bolton gets a re-release packing Hexalite in the outsole and thoroughly 90’s upper panel detailing. Releasing in 2 colourways, it’s good to see it available in Asia as well as Europe. No signs of a Stateside (USA) release however. Images via Hypebeast. —BokOne

Available now from — Titolo (Switzerland) / Reebok Korea / Reebok UK

Retrobok X Complex feature — The Reebok Runners That Defined 90’s Sneaker Culture

Complex contacted me a few weeks ago to compare notes on a forthcoming feature about 90’s Reebok runners, and it’s just been published. Hopefully they’ll correct the slight ERS Racer / ERS 5000 mixup at the top of the page (they may have already done so by the time you read this) but it’s an awesome article, with a very kind nod to Retrobok too. Head on over to Complex now. —BokOne

Complex — The Reebok Runners That Defined 90’s Sneaker Culture

Vintage Reebok Windbreakers

reebok_black_green_blue (8 of 10)reebok_female (1 of 10)reebok_green_blue (2 of 10)

Perennial Merchants dropped me a message recently, telling me about their stock of Vintage Reebok Windbreakers — pretty rare to see a collection like this, if you like what you see you head over to their store and check them out. Perennial Merchants (US) —BokOne

Phase III — Red/Tetra Blue/White

A new colourway of the early 90’s Phase III runner has appeared over on Urban Industry, mixing primary Blues and Reds and a Suede/Synthetic upper. The bold colourway of this shoe matches up with similar colour blocking on recent Phase III retro’s. A nice touch – accidental or not – is that the recent Phase II colourways have gone a similiar route, but with more pastel colour choices. More pics after the jump. Buy now from Urban Industry. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Hanon Shop — ’91 Inferno & LX 8500’s arriving September


One of the UK’s stalwart sneaker stores, Hanon Shop, recently confirmed to me that the LX 8500 will be available in September, good news for anyone who missed the Railroad Grey colourway available early at a few stores like Titolo and Asphalt Gold. But also available on pre-order right now is the 1991 Inferno, boasting Hexalite cushioning with a suede upper these are looking pretty damn tidy. Both available September, pre-order from Hanon now. —BokOne

90’s Rapides — eBay

Just spotted a couple of great looking 90’s Rapides on eBay, with some superb archive-quality photos also. Rare to see such Retroboks appear together on eBay, boxed and in such good condition. Click on for more images and eBay link. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

1990/1991 — UK Catalogues

Bournes Sports Catalogue, 1990 (UK)

More fascinating insights into 90’s Reebok history within the Retrobok Media section, courtesy of David Gumbley at No Sugar. Some fascinating name changes can be deduced from these catalogues.  The (currently titled) Sole Trainer was once the Concorde (technically the Concorde HXL), and the recently re-released ERS 2000 was once the Exhilarator ERS (correct product spelling)I’ve also discovered the ERS 5000 used to be called the Extasy, but that’s another story…. click on for more —BokOne

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Coming soon! HUGE collection of printed Reebok material

I’m extremely pleased to announce that I’ll be adding a MASSIVE collection of printed Reebok advertising material & catalogues to Retrobok — courtesy of a keen collector. The material is hugely useful for seeing shoe lineage, Reebok branding and advertising history, and for improving the accuracy on the 70’s / 80’s / 90’s pages here on Retrobok. Watch this space! ~BokOne

Huge updates to 80’s & 90’s pages

The 80’s and 90’s pages have had a solid update this weekend – particularly to include the missing Pump® range. The 90’s page now lists 44 shoes, while the 80’s page lists a massive 76. As always, please feedback with correction or additions! ~BokOne