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The Reebok Classic Aztec OG

Inspired short promo featuring none other than co-founder Joe Foster himself, and reflecting on the Aztecs’ impact and heritage, as the retro is released in the UK today. Thanks to my contact Ritchie for the heads up on this!

I don’t believe I’ve sufficiently stated just how great a job Reebok have done with retro’ing the Aztec; hand-made and with authentic materials, it’s a truly great shoe fully deserving of its reputation.  -BokOne

End Clothing (US)
End Clothing (UK)
Foot Patrol (UK)
Oi Polloi (UK) – SOLD OUT at this time

Aztec OG available in UK shortly


Life has been zooming by recently, so I’ve not had much time to keep track of the Aztec OG’s release patterns, but it appears to be available in the UK on 22nd (this coming Saturday) from Oi Polloi, which have shops in both London, Manchester, and the cyberspacewebs.

They’ve got a very nicely handcrafted webpage just for the shoe too, so for those of you in the UK and Europe who’ve been keeping an eye out for these, now’s your chance 😉 Oi Polloi (UK) – Available 00.01 BST on 22.08.15 —BokOne

David Foster on the 1978 (!) Aztec OG


With the retro of the 1979 1978 Aztec released today, I got in touch with David Foster (his Father Joe and Uncle Jeff started Reebok from the ashes of the J.W. Fosters company in 1958) to ask his memories of the shoe, and it’s success. David not only confirms the original release year (!!), the impact this shoe had on Reebok sales and success, but also the model of the first Reebok Womens shoe. Read on!

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Aztec OG day!


Out today at Sneaker Politics (USA). I’m still searching for other outlets for this (possibly) highly limited edition shoe ; just 1895 editions if the information I have read is correct. -BokOne

Thanks to my awesome wife for the photo 😉

Aztec OG – Unboxing, macros + thoughts

AztecRetrobok (2)

From Retroboks’ point of view, this has to be one of the most significant and special Reebok retro since, well, retros began? The Reebok Classics team pulled out all the stops to send me a pair of the Aztec OG‘s just ahead of the August 1st release date. Read on….  Read the rest of this entry