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Aztec OG — 01.08.15


So it’s Friday night here in Australia and Flying Lotus, AFX and Kendrick Lamar are oozing out of the speakers, and just by coincidence I check the always-reliable TeamReebok1895 Facebook feed. Between the selfies and TR1895 creations, and there it is.  Read the rest of this entry

1980 — Aztec/Aztec Princess; B&W Advert


Another glimpse back in time, this time for the Aztec and Aztec Princess. I have to say, the advert offers a slightly tenuous unique selling point ; that of the Womens’ lasted outsole being offered alongside the Mens. And at greater to cost to the manufacturer!

Perhaps a small sign of different attitudes back in the day 😉 Interesting also to see the trademarked name ‘Unit-II’ for the outsole with its angled rear section, which by 1980 was shortly to become outdated and unfashionable.

Regardless, the Aztec (and revised Aztec II) became legendary Retroboks and have inspired many referential colourways since. Many thanks again to Ritchie for emailing this image to me. —BokOne

Reebok Classic Sport ‘Aztec’


Look, this wasn’t intended to be ‘Titolo night’ here at Retrobok HQ, but I appreciate it seems to be turning out that way. I guess its testament to the insane range of retroboks the Swiss store stocks (try saying that after a couple of Swiss Kirschwassers….!).

Those of you familiar with the lineage of the original Aztec and other shoes using it’s striking colourway will of course know that only last year the Reebok Classic was released by Packer store in an almost indentical makeup.

Now I don’t yet own a pair of Classic Sports, but one key visible difference is that it runs a different outsole, with chunkier widely-spaced treads. It’s a nicely done shoe, for sure – available now from, yep, Titolo (Swizerland). —BokOne


Aztec OG images

These photos, whilst not at great resolution, really show plenty of angles of this ‘Halo’ Retrobok shoe — particuarly the curvature of the midsole wedge, reminding me of the Nike Mariah.

Ritchie has been awesome in sending in plenty of eBay spots recently, these appeared a few weeks back but I failed to post them until now (this means they’re no longer available too, apologies all round).

The detailed box shots are particularly nice to see — dare I suggest to Reebok Classics to consider recreating these for the applicable OG releases in future? Well, I dare, but it’s possible this box design was dropped in the early 80’s, meaning their application would only be for 70’s retros — an area I don’t expect Reebok Classics to explore just yet. —BokOne

ERS 1500 — 5 x samples including Aztec colourway!

UPDATED Huge thanks to my Polish contact Piotr for pointing me at these, on a Polish auction site. These are apparently 2013 samples including a pair based on the legendary 1979 Reebok Aztec colourway — they also show up the versatility of the ERS 1500. Many many pics and link after the jump. —BokOne 

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Reebok x Packer CL ‘Aztec’ — release date, more pics!

F f f r r r r e s h is the word… some really tasty new shots of the Packer x Reebok collab, inspired by the legendary 1979 Aztec. Release date is now confirmed as 23rd March at 12 noon at the Packer Store in the U.S., as well as at Solebox Germany (and I’m sure a few other selected stores).

Remember that you’ll find more info about the original Aztec here on Retrobok than any other website — try the 70’s Reeboks and 70’s Media sections for starters…. more pics of the hot Packer after the jump. and a classic 1980 ad for the original Aztec 🙂 —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Mike Packer on the CL 30th Anniversary

Great Hypebeast video revealing the Reebok X Packer shoes collab, inspired by the 1979 Aztec. Personally I wish speed laces were a little more commonly used, but it’s a cost thing I guess. Still haven’t seen them on sale anywhere yet, let me know if you have. —BokOne

Reebok x Packer ‘Aztec’ teaser mystery

Packer Shoes x Reebok   Aztec Teaser

I was curious as to why SneakerNews, FreshnessMag and others have been posting teaser images for the Reebok x Packer CL 30th Anniversary Aztec shoe, after I posted up images of the full shoe here on Retrobok. A little detective work and I’m guessing that Solebox added it to their store early, before removing it. By then, Retrobok had the images. Now I’m all up for scoops and causing a ruckuss, but there’s a balance…. heheh 😉 So you’ll have to click the jump to see the CL 30th Anniversary Packer makeup, inspired by the legendary 1979 Aztec – which was, in my eyes, Reeboks first true ‘legend’ shoe. (release details still unknown) ~BokOne

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Advert: 1980 Aztec

Love the purity and colour of this 1980 advert for one of Reeboks early ‘legend’ shoes – the 1979 Aztec. This shoes colourway and name has been used on a number of newer Reeboks since, such as the 2006 Scarlett Johannson Rbk Aztec, and the recent Aztec Flex Racer. Image courtesy of David Gumbley. ~BokOne

Spotlight – 1979 Aztec

The Aztec is a curious shoe with an equally curious history. First seeming to appear in 1979 as a Training shoe, it appeared to share its sole tread with the Mens Shadow I, Womens Shadow III and the Midas. From a side angle I could never understand the ugly-looking angular cut from the rear sole up the heel tab ; but when you check out the sole shape, you can appreciate the design thinking: to offer an extra-stable flat platform for heelstrikes (reminding me of the Nike Air Rift for some reason).

Click on for more images & jibber-jabber.

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80’s Reeboks


Please visit the RETROBOK SHOE ARCHIVE V2.0


Victory G


Victory XL  (1981-82)

Shadow I (1981-83) $17.99 RRP

Shadow III (Womens) – (1981-83) £16.99 RRP

Cougar ’81



Freestyle (Womens)

VTS (3 colourways)

DHS (Throwing Shoe – TBC)

Wild Country

Britannia (Kids)

VTS Kids (2 colourways)

Orchid – Womens

Carolina – Womens

Aztec II (aka AZ II)
Aztec 2 1983


Hurricane (2 colourways)

Spitfire (3 colourways)



Freestyle Hi (Womens)

Princess (Womens)

Reebok Classic

Reebok Classic Leather

NPC II (Newport Classic) – Year TBC

Aztec II

London Runner



Ex-O-Fit Hi

Victory GTI – featured ‘Foster Cradle’, Gore-tex™ technology, and speed lock lacing system.

LC 1500

LC 3000 (Womens)

CL 1500
LC1500 (5)

Sydney Maree (handmade by David Foster source)
The Sydney Maree was a special make up of the Mens LC

Sydney Maree Spike

Phase I Tennis Shoe [ Leather / Leather and Nylon ]

Paris Runner

Paris Racer (name and year TBC)




Workout Mid-Cut


 LC ‘Mk II’ 1600

Phase I

Phase I (Womens)

ACT 600 Tennis Shoe




BB7600 ‘Alien Stomper’ (aka Aliens Fighter Shoe)

Phase II

Phase II Womens

GL 6000 –  1986

GL 6000 (Womens)

LX 8500



PB 800 Spikes

GL1600 (Date TBC)

GL1600 Womens (Date TBC)

Workout Plus

B4000 (Womens) (DATE TBC)
Image c/o DefyNewYork

CL1000 (Year TBC)

CL1400 (Year TBC)

DL1400 aka Reebok Response (Year TBC)


DL 5000 – Year TBC

DL 5600 (Mens and Womens) – Year TBC

DL 6000 – Year TBC


PB (Designed by Reebok USA)

PB Gold (Year TBC)

World Best

Fell Runner – 1987 (TBC)

Wild Runner Two – Advert

Victoria Womens Tennis
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Axis Tennis
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Avenger (Year TBC)
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Club C (Year TBC) – reissues shown

Image c/o DefyNewYork

RAD (‘Reebok Advanced Design’) – 1987

CL Aztec (Year TBC)

Image c/o DefyNewYork



World Trainer (the first Reebok with E.R.S.™)
Featured ERS technology in both the heel and forefoot.

E.R.S. Trainer

World Road
Featured ERS technology in the heel only.

World Road (Womens)
Featured ERS technology in the heel only.

Club Fitness


Mid-cut Court

Rugged Walker (Mens)

Rugged Walker (Womens)

Image c/o DefyNewYork

 CXT Mid (ERS)



The Pump®
Without a doubt Reeboks’ most important shoe, securing critical and sales success – as well as being legendary in both Popular and Sneaker culture.

Image c/o DefyNewYork

AXT Plus (year TBC)

SXT Cross Trainer (ERS)
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Commitment Mid