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Sneakersnstuff x Classic Leather “Premium”


Following SNS’s ultra-pared-back Club C ’85 ‘Premium’ last October – the Swedish store is again dropping some more minimal/normcore goodness with these CL’s in offwhite Elk leather and gold embossing.


Hit the jump for more photos, and group model shots that will make even the youngest of you feel old 😉 Oh and happy new year from Retrobok! —BokOne

The CL ‘Premium’ will drop Saturday January 13th at their store and online Read the rest of this entry

Classic Leather — Oktoberfest pack


Combining 3 of my favourite things ; Sneakers, German Beer and German Food, this is onto a winner. I’ll leave it to Reebok PR to provide the full deets this time around. Click through for more info and juicy photography, ja?  Read the rest of this entry

Crooked Tongues X Reebok Classics — CL Leather Lux


This wild collab between Reebok Classics and Crooked Tongues mixes a faux-snakeskin upper, duotone gum outsole, whited out Reebok window and some ‘hidden details’ accoriding to CT themselves. Available now at Crooked Tongues and Titolo and I’m sure many other stores. Click on for more images! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

G-Shock & Reebok Classic Leather celebrate joint 30th Anniversarys — Reebok X Casio X 3.V.0.7

Hypebeast have just reported about a Reebok X Casio X 3.V.0.7 watch which at first appeared to be ‘just’ a G-Shock with additional logo stamps. This pack also includes a pair of CL Camo and appears to be Taiwan-only, limited to just 100 pairs.

What Hypebeast haven’t found out is there is a little more to report here: First, as the post title implies both Reeboks Classic Leather and the Casio G-Shock were launched in 1983, sharing their 30th anniversarys this year.

With this collab pack released under his jewellery line ‘3.V.0.7’, Actor/Singer/Director/Producer Van Ness Wu also happens to be the Creative Director of Reebok (Greater China Division) — his American/Taiwanese heritage cementing this relationship: in short he’s Taiwans’ Swizz Beatz. 

There’s more: There appears to be at least 1 additional colourway, scooped from the Reebok Taiwan Facebook page…. click on for more! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

BTNC discuss their Reebok CL 30th collab

Another sweet video seeing inside the minds of the partners within the Reebok Certified Network (RCN). BTNC (Beatnic) are a California based boutique. Video via Hypebeast TV. —BokOne

Stash X Reebok ‘City Classics’ — Pre-order @ Overkill

Berlin’s superb Overkill store is now taking pre-orders for the exciting City Classics pack, which will be instore on July 3rd and online on July 4th. Eklips, Wane, Stash and Stash editions shown above in order. Get in there quick, you know how fast these CL 30th Anniversary ltd. editions go!!! Overkill (Berlin) —BokOne

Highs & Lows explain the inspiration behind the CL CTM

Nice video with the HAL guys from Perth Australia talking about their inspiration for the brand new Classic Leather CTM 30th Anniversary shoe. I won’t give it away right here, you can watch the video to find out 😉 —BokOne


Stash X Reebok — Classic Leather City Series, 3 pairs revealed


So the first 3 pairs of the 12 (or is it 13, I’m still not quite sure…?) Classic Leather City Series have appeared over at Sneakernews and Hypebeast. At first I wasn’t really feeling these too much — but on closer inspection, I’m particularly loving Stash’s own treatments, which truly look like they’ve been freshly bombed.  July 1st release date is mentioned, perhaps the remaining 8 or 9 will appear shortly. Jump…More Pics…you know the drill. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

CL 30th Anniversary — ‘Korea Pack’

I’ve seen these on Reebok Koreas’ website for a few weeks now, and they’re pretty tidy treatments to the CL’s. Designed in-house at Reebok apparently too. 1 of the pairs runs a very OG Paris Runner colourway. Some really nice pictures out there too (it’s all looking a bit 80’s for these lads above!). Click on for more of the 4 treatments. Only available at this moment in time from Reebok Korea —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Solebox’ Hikmet talks about the CL ‘Sturnella Militaris’

Berlins’ Solebox has recently unveiled it’s striking ‘Sturnella Militaris’ Classic Leather makeup, in black leather and red seude. Hikmet, one of the 2 Solebox owning brothers, talks about his stores relationship with Reebok and shows us around Berlin Zoo as well. Nice bonus there. Via HypeBeastTV —BokOne

CL — Solebox X Reebok

With one of the boldest panelling treatments I’ve seen on the CL this year, these Solebox special editions are causing a bit of a stir — not least with criticism that it’s a similiar treatment to their 2006 New Balance 1500’s (shown below/next image). Personally, I think that’s unfair – if anything it’s a signature design detail, and one perhaps the Solebox brothers were about 7 years ahead on.   Read the rest of this entry

Making of a Classic blueprint: The Reebok Classic Leather

3 x Classic Leather articles in one day? Sure! The HypeBeast article also mentioned a tidy little video I’d forgotten to post onto Retrobok, “Making of a Classic blueprint: The Reebok Classic Leather“. It’s pretty special. Enjoy! ~BokOne

Classic Leather BRK SC – 30th Anniversary

The actual Reebok Classic is rarely featured on Retrobok due to endless low-end reissues, and whilst the BRK SC shown below looks very much the UK lads’ shoe, it has some more interesting details above the usual cheap metallic trimmings —

Aside from the inners’ stripes, the tongues’ oversize Starcrest motif, and the ‘Since 1983’ embossed on the Heel Counter, the particular standout detail is the Starcrest tread pattern —

Check out the images and decide for yourself – if it’s your thing it’s available now at Very in the UK, alongside some more usual treatments of the ’83 Classic. ~BokOne