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ERS 1500 now available @ Reebok UK store

Available in the Black/Vital Blue/Steel/Aubergine/Dynamic Pink colourway – and if you input the code VC12PCT, you’ll get a further 12% off 😀 Expect an unboxing & macro pics by the end of the week. | Reebok UK ~BokOne

1 more ERS 1500, 3 more GL 6000!

Things seem a bit crazy right now: yet more retro ‘Boks are hitting shops I’d not even discovered until today. The 4 above — plus the Blue/Yellow ERS 1500 and a great selection of other Reeboks — are all available at Melbournes’ Sure! store (damn I miss that city….) Each image also quicklinks out to the specific shoe. Good times! | ~BokOne

ERS 1500 – White/Black/Grey/Green

There’s clearly some careful planning by Reebok here – drip-feeding the various ERS 1500 colourways almost singularly out to specific stores, but here is what appears to be the 4th – and final? – colourway of the ‘1500 for the Winter 2012/2013 season. | Solebox (Germany) | ~BokOne


ERS 2000 – White/Royal Blue, Blue/Grey

I’m not sure why I was a little surprised to see these back in stores over the last few months. Perhaps it was their premium pricepoints but possibly also because some of the previous issue ERS’s have been languishing at sales prices for a little while. Whatever the situation, they’re both pretty bold retro Boks’ and great to see them out there. | White/Royal Blue @ Urban Industry (UK) and Corner Street (France) | Blue/Grey @ Corner Street | ~BokOne

ERS 1500 – Navy/Gray/White/Yellow

A surprising selection of stores in the UK are now stocking the ERS 1500 in the Navy/Yellow colourway below (though I’ve not yet seen any store other than Titolo in Switzerland stock more than 1 colourway). Available for around the £55 mark
| 5Pointz | Shopstyle | Chemical Records | Additionally, have images of 4 colourways for the ERS 1500. | ~BokOne

ERS 1500 – Black/Blue/Steel/Aubergine/Pink

The 2nd ERS 1500 colourway to break cover at Titolo, I’ve not yet seen them anywhere else (if you have, please let me know in the comments). These are really bad ass design, and completely in the Retrobok spirit – congratulations to Reebok for doing this. However, and I hate to say this, but I’m not totally convinced about the finish quality on these. The rear midsole in particular reminds me of the Reebok World Mile : itself a budget shoe, and the rubber-cleated sole is a curious design choice for what is – at least in spirit – a road/track runner. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a pair and seeing them in the flesh. Remember there is a second colourway available too!
| Black/Blue/Steel/Aubergine/Pink – & – White/Steel/Blue/Red | ~BokOne

Energaire Technology

Hidden amongst the Reebok Pump lineup was this fascinating and somewhat forgotten technology called Energaire —

From what I’m aware, Energaire was a 3rd-party technology used by Reebok on the 1991 Pump Walking (below), and the more sober Comfort I (bottom). The technology was also used on shoes by the Spalding company.

A number of Patents define this technology as using fluids or air to transmit between the 2 reservoirs at either end – for the purpose of “encouraging a Walkers’ consistent foot-strike”.  The Pump Walking itself apparently has 3 technologies incorporated – Pump,  Energaire, and Hexalite (supposedly in the heel) making it a shoe with more tech than any other in memory. If you have any more information, please comment below! ~BokOne

ERS 1500 pre-order!

Yep, here they are! Possibly one of the most exciting ‘retro’ Reebok releases for a while now ; an all-new pair of ERS runners!
Pre-orders over at the Swiss Titolo store. Go! ~BokOne


ERS 1500 – Another possible colourway, more pics.

Spotted over at Sneakernews are some more pics of the (hopefully) forthcoming ERS 1500’s in 2013.
The Grey/Red/Blue shown below appear additional to the previously-shown 4 colourways (check this page).

Reebok ERS 1500

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Reebok Classics Spring 2013 – NEW ERS RUNNERS!!

Oh Wow.
Spotted over at Fat Kids are a selection of Reeboks’ 2013 releases. For Retrobok I’m loving the CL Leather Trail variants ;

The 2013 Dash Runners ;

But MOST exciting by a long long shot are these ERS 1500’s ; Reebok-ERS-1500-2013-04

These are a pretty exciting set of shoes, the ERS tubes remind me of the Adidas Handball (though in their case, they had 5 removable plugs).

Great stuff Reebok – can’t wait to pick these up from stores!



90’s Reeboks


Please visit the RETROBOK SHOE ARCHIVE V2.0


World E.R.S. (Year TBC)

World Trainer (Year TBC)

E.R.S. Trainer (aka ERS 1000?) (Year TBC)

World Road ‘II’ (Year TBC)

ERS Marathon Racer

Mentor II

Pump® Twilight Zone
Successor to the first Pump (1989) – featured pump release mechanism on the tongue, and ERS.

Pump® Omni Zone (reissue shown)
The First Pump shoe in Mens and Womens sizes (1989) – and the last to feature ERS.

Pump® Court Victory (reissue shown)
The First Pump shoe to use Hexalite, endorsed and worn by Tennis star Michael Chang.

Pump II Hi

Pump® Aerobic Light (reissue shown)
Womens-only Pump successor to the massively succesful Freestyle. Featured Hexalite.

AXT Mens

AXT Womens
Featured ERS (the Mens’ equivalent appears to not feature ERS!)

AXT 2000

Synergy HXL

Mentor HXL

Mantis ERS

Mantra HXL – Mens
Retro’d since 1990 as the ‘Classic Sole’

Mantra HXL – Womens

Avenger (Tennis) – Womens

Deuce (Tennis) – Womens

Performa ERS Tennis – Mens

Performa ERS Tennis – Womens

Impulse (Tennis)

Club Player (Tennis)

Pump® AXT
Cross-training Shoe, featured Hexalite.

Pump® SXT
Cross-training Shoe, featured Hexalite and the Stability Bar.

CXT Pump
Image c/o DefyNewYork

CXT Plus Mid

Reverse Jam

VolleyTech Mid
No further info / no better image available

Image c/o DefyNewYork

DL5000 Tennis  (maybe U.S. only)
(Year TBC)

Pump® DL (Mens)
Non-signature Tennis shoe, featuring dual Hexalite, Pump and Goodyear Indy 500 sole.

Pump® DL (Womens)

Questor ERS – Mens
This shoe may also be known as the ERS 2000, however the Questor has a different midsole pattern.

Questor ERS – Womens

Strobe ERS – Mens

Strobe ERS – Womens

Maxim HXL – Mens

Maxim HXL – Mens

Shoe TBC Trek HXL

Phase III (re-issues shown)
(Year TBC)

Phase IV
(Year TBC)

Tech Walker™
(Year TBC)

6000 Aerobic Pro
(Year TBC)

(Year TBC)

Arcadia (Womens shown)



Reebok SXT Pump II
Featured Pump AND ERS technology. Image c/o DefyNewYork

Pump® Running Dual (reissue shown in OG colourway)
First running shoe featuring Pump technology – bladders around the collar and under the foot arch. Featured Hexalite and a Goodyear Indy 500 sole.

Pump® Walking
Featured Energaire and Hexalite technology. Women-only shoe.

Comfort I
Featured Energaire and Hexalite technology. Women-only Walking/casual shoe.

Pump® Omni Zone II (reissue shown)
Featuring an improved Tongue system.

Pump® Omni Lite
Mid-cut shoe, nearly identical to Omni Zone II except for printed logos, improved stability system and leather collar.

Club Pump® 
High-cut Tennis shoe, featured Hexalite and Goodyear Indy 500 sole.

Pump®  Court Victory II
Featured Hexalite, Goodyear Indy 500 sole and once again endorsed and worn by Michael Chang.

Inferno ’91
Image c/o DefyNewYork



Strobe ERS
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Trek 2 HXL
(Year TBC)

Harrier Spike
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Image c/o DefyNewYork

Image c/o DefyNewYork

Racer X
Image c/o DefyNewYork

The Pump® Above the Rim
Featuring a new dual-channel Pump system, and Hexalite.


Above the Rim
Non-Pump version of the shoe above.

Reebok Above The Rim

Classic Jam
Follow up shoe to the Reverse Jam. As featured in the movie ‘White Men Can’t Jump’
—OG Image to be sourced—



Rapide II
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Etoile (Womens)
Image c/o DefyNewYork


Royale II
Image c/o DefyNewYork


Royale III (??)
Year TBC

Inferno ’93
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Image c/o DefyNewYork

Corrado (Womens)
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Pump® Shaq Attaq
Endorsed by Shaquille O’Neill, featured Hexalite technology.

ERS Al Ternator 
Features 3 moulded ERS tubes on the sole



InstaPump® Fury
One of Reeboks most advanced shoes – featured a laceless Pump upper, Hexalite cushioning and GraphLite arc bridge. The original Insta Pump system could be filled manually, or with a unique Reebok CO² cartridge. Additionally OG Pump Furys’ are recognisable with the 3-part hexalite window in the heel, and the minimal toecap overlays.

Telos – environmentally produced Trail Boot
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Ventilator Supreme
(Year TBC)

Phase V
(Year TBC)

Royale IV?
Year TBC

Royale V?
1994 (TBC)