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1990 ERS Attaq Trainer


Back in 1990, well before the existence of the (1993) Shaq Attaq, Reebok had a rather different series of Attaqs, aimed at sports environments far, far away from the Basketball courts of the USA. Read more…

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1990 TechTan – Football shoes range


A neat catalogue showcasing Reeboks’ rarer Football (Soccer) footwear, including their revolutionary TechTan — a waterproof, stretchproof material. The 4 shoe ranges — Attaq, Impaq, Vitaq. Contaq — each feature 3 shoes, one with screw-in studs, another with moulded soft-studs, and a trainer. Very neatly designed shoes they are too. Thanks to TheReebokKid once again for these scans. —BokOne

90’s Media — 1990 TechTan Football