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GL 2620 — 4 new colourways


The GL 26260, affectionately known here at Retrobok as the ‘budget GL 6000′ has appeared in at least 4 new, more single tone colourways. The initial samples were somewhat off the wall, with Reebok Classics mixing up some pretty strange colours combos which others wouldn’t. Read on for more waffle, photos and links…  Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — Closer look


Reebok Classics sent me a couple of pairs of the recently-released GL 2620 — another ‘new retro shoe’ following on from the ERS 1500 and GL 1500, all of which are budget/mid-range shoes, and all of which take cues from OG classic Reeboks in different ways.

With the release of the 2620 (a number I’m still not understanding the significance of – why not GL 3000 perhaps?…), there were a few things I wanted to understand. Firstly, how much of a lovechild of the Phase I/Phase II and the GL 6000 are they? Secondly, why do some of the shoes not have the name stitched on the heel counter? And thirdly, how is the quality? Read on…  Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — ‘Sample’ Colourways available in USA

The curiousity of the new GL 2620 retro shoe continues, with this pair of colourways now available in the US. Retrobok discovered samples of these colours for sale a week or so ago from a Vietnamese seller so it’s a surprise to see them for sale officially. At first examination it appeared that these 2 colourways had lost the ‘crazed’ midsole effect as seen previously — but I have a feeling that the website designers have simply brightened up the images rendering the light grey crazing pattern invisible.

Personally I find the ‘China Red/Green Smash’ pair a bit much, but the ‘Shark/Bright Cadmium’ (Silver/Red) pair I’m liking more. You can head on over to Zappos to pick them up (they also sell the Black/Tin Grey colourway, which we’ve previously seen officially available) or click on for more images – all of which can be clicked for a detailed look.

I’m expecting my pairs of 2620‘s later this week for a further inspection. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — Now on


Yes, these are the best images I can obtain: (USA) are offering  3 colourways of the mysterious GL 2620 shoe, including a new Grey/Blue/White colourway. If you’ve been visiting regularly you may also spot that these include the GL 2620 stitching on the heel, although it’s very hard to see whether the Black/White/Orange pair has this – closer inspection suggest not. 

Reebok Classics ; this is still a confusing release — shouldn’t every colourway include the heel stitching? One thing does make sense however – with prices for the 2620 being upto US $30 cheaper than the GL 6000 this is starting to make a little more sense.  —BokOne

GL 2620 — New colourway, availability and thoughts.

The GL 2620 rollout continues — this is a new retro shoe which I’m really really warming too, heavily influenced by the 1985/86 Phase II (midsole, upper construction, heel tab) and using the GL 6000‘s outsole and details such as the upper lace overlay tab. The heel stability counter I’m still curious about, but does appear very similiar to the Phase I’s. One small disappointment with these is the lack of boldly stitched GL 2620 on the heel wrap (see the crazy samples which included them here).

Whilst I’m extremely happy to see this shoe, I’m still wondering what Reebok Classics‘ reasons are for bringing this to market — it’s so similiar to the Phase II, (albeit with the GL nomenclature to give it a little extra kudos possibly) that I wonder if anyone other than retro Reebok fans will notice or appreciate them. Possible confusion is furthered with the recent wave of Phase II’s still being in some stores.

With the recent ‘new retros’ such as the ERS 1500 and GL 1500 which are more clearly ‘new’, I just wonder if the GL 2620 can stake it’s place out there — I’m trying to get hold of a pair ASAP to get my head around these. Whatever, they’re a superb retro shoe and Reebok Classics please don’t stop 🙂 Click on for more pics + link to buy at the end of the article. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — Mystery new shoe from Reebok Classics

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Right, well this is a huge surprise with an equally large dose of mystery. Reebok USA are now stocking this ‘brand new’ retro model, which features the outsole of the GL 6000, what appears to be the midsole of the Phase II, and the heel cradle of… well possibly the Phase I runner, or indeed the 90’s Royale IV — but I’m clutching at straws here.

I wonder what 2620 refers to – simply a random shoe number? The crazy sample colourways on sale in Vietnam have ‘GL 2620‘ on the heel, when the Reebok USA versions don’t. Note all these have the ‘crazed’ midsole treatment.

Click on to see another 7 colourways of this ‘new retro’, with the ‘clean heel’ versions available from Reebok USA, and the samples buyable – at your own risk – from an unknown seller in VietnamReebok Classics, this is very interesting. —BokOne 

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