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GL 6000 — Cranberry/Blue/White/Grey

reebok-gl-6000-cranberry-1 (1)

Another fresh pair of 6000’s released, featuring one of my favourite colours for this shoe: Burgundy. Sure, it’s not featured heavily but the overall effect is decent enough. I’ve heard grumblings on a few forums that this colourway copies heavily from an Asics Gel-Lyte makeup, although I’ve not seen anything in my Google results that quite justifies this claim! Feel free to post a comment on Facebook if you know the pair. I’ve not seen these on either the official Reebok UK or US stores, but these are available now from some boutiques, with Sneaker Politics (US) the first I can see. Info and some images via Hypebeast. More pics after the jump! —BokOne
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GL 6000 Mid


Well, here they are — spotted back in January by BokTwo the GL 6000 Mid is now available from Reebok UK and is a pretty tasty job by Reebok Classics indeed. Featuring new collar panelling, ingress/egress straps, hiking boot-style metal lace loops and some extra stitching details (notice the X on the sidewrap) these are finished with a nice metallic-effect material on the uppers. The UK is heading into Autumn now, so perhaps it’s the perfect time to pick up a pair 😀 Reebok (UK) —BokOne

TDL GL 6000 (Black/White/Pebble) available 29th August


Just a reminder that the Distinct Life GL 6000‘s are available tomorrow from a few select Reebok stockists globally.

Black GL 6000‘s literally fly off the shelves, and these with the TDL touches and attention to detail (such as the camo embossed leather, gum sole and lace pendant) should be no exception. Hit the jump for a couple more juicy images, and the store links! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 Athletic — Weathered White/Baseball Grey/Chalk



Very artistic palette used on these GL 6000’s, with the rich purple filtering down through a Pink to a metallic Silver and a cream/off-White. Very nicely executed. Click on for more pics and store link! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — Many new colourways


Reebok Classics are pumping out the 6000 with a fresh batch of rather juicy, tasty new colourways. The 2 above are Womens, with the 5 below (after the jump) are Mens, with some interesting treatment to the uppers. Most of these are available from Reebok (USA), with the Red ‘Rebel Berry’ colourway available from Wish (Atlanta) and a few colourways appearing at Reebok UK. Thanks yet again to Piotr for the heads up 😉 —BokOne
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GL 6000 RG — Sandtrap/Pebble/Chalk/Grey


UPDATED! This colourway (although not immediately obvious from the PR photos, showing what appears to be a Man in blue jeans wearing them…) is apparently only in Womens’ sizes – and is available from Reebok UK too. (thanks again to Piotr).

Very clean treatment to the 6000, featuring a new crazed-geometric pattern to the heel counter (which is possibly what the RG may stand for), these are apparently available now from German ‘Sapato store’, curiously in only 2 sizes… I’ve no additional news on whether this is a collab (and whether it’s only available in 2 sizes for that reason) but hopefully this colourway will appear elsewhere shortly.

Sapato store (Germany)

Thanks again to my friend Piotr for the lead. More images after the jump! —BokOne
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GL 6000 — Red/White/Blue


Almost no information on these – other than their price and availability – which have appeared (very) recently at Very in the UK (apologies, these are the best images I could extract from their site). A pretty bold makeup for sure, and depending on your nationality could be seen as British – or French – flag colours 😉 Available now from Very (UK) —BokOne

GL 6000 — 2 new colourways and design-your-own @ Reebok USA

gl2 gl1

Please excuse the quality of these images, which are the best I could squeeze out of Reeboks US website. Just in case you’re slightly curious: yes these are listed under the ‘Mens Classics’ section of the site and featuring such a vibrant mix of colours and speckled lacing even I did a double-take for a moment. In fact, these are bold enough to match the superbly eclectic GL 6000 output from Asia of late.

Fascinating and bold in equal measure, finding these also reveals that Reebok USA are now offering a design-your-own service for the GL 6000 too! I’ve fleetingly looked at the options available, and there’s certainly enough to get creative ideas going 😀 I can’t direct link to the make-your-own section for the 6000 so you’ll have to jump in, find a pair of 6000’s and hit the relevant link below it. Reebok USA —BokOne

GL 6000 ‘Timeless Teal’ (Womens)


The veteran GL 6000 shoe has seen an explosion of colourful releases since it’s retro debut around 2009, so it’s great to see Reebok Classics producing the shoe specifically in Womens sizes (well, lasts to be accurate).

Of course, the OG Womens colourway for this shoe has been retro’d a couple of times now – and there have been other Womens-only releases such as Japans XGirl collaboration last year, as well as the Korean unisex output (I can’t comment on whether these have a different last than the Mens 6000).

We’ve seen this colourway recently here on Retrobok, but now its available outside Asia, specifically at Switzerlands’ Titolo. A couple more pics after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — Steel/Blue/White


After yesterdays deluge of new GL 6000 colourways, this one nearly slipped past me. Sure, it’s Grey and Blue tones are not literally jumping off the screen but this has a genuinely classic and measured feel to it. Urban Industry list this as Steel/Blue but I’m feeling the flexwave and sidestripe colour is more of a Dark Teal. Very smart indeed. Available now from UK’s Urban Industry. More pics of this measured masterpiece after the jump. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 Field Guide updated!

update2014 copy
28 new GL 6000 colourways added to the Field Guide. TWENTY-EIGHT… this is insane! This means the veteran Retrobok has around 74 colourways since its OG Men and Womens 1985 editions.

Many of the recent releases are South Korea, or Japan only it seems (a few USA only too) so aside from Swizz Beatz himself, I would be astonished if any collector had every/nearly every colourway…. drop Retrobok a message if you do though 😀

Hit the GL 6000 Field Guide to get a feel for the range of colourways to date…. —BokOne

GL 6000 — 7 new colourways forthcoming at Atmos, Japan

These 7 new colourways have recently appeared for PRE-ORDER at Japans’ Atmos storeThree appear to be Mens ‘Athletic’, two have the brand new ‘Camo’ nomenclature, and the bottom two are Womens (very similiar if you notice). Yes, it’s GL 6000 worship night at Retrobok HQ…. wow.

And remember, you heard it here first on Retrobok. Click on to the 7 alongside each other. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

FAKE GL 6000’s — Orange/Navy, Green/Blue/Red

6000_fake1 6000_fake2

Rather accurate don’t you think? As bright Orange hasn’t been used on a 6000 before, it was the top pair that drew my eye to them being fakes — the narrow Reebok window and wonky midsole cutouts give these away too. Take a nosey here. And remember kids; even if the surprisingly-cheap-fake-sneakersite looks like it’s in your country, it’ll be in China. —BokOne

GL 6000 Athletic — Red/Steel/White

For a month or so I thought that Reebok Classics’ prolific output of the stalwart 1985 6000 was relenting, but no. Following from the wild Sea Glass/Henna pair from early May comes this bright colourway of Red with Grey/White. Notice these don’t feature the accurate instep midsole blocking as featured on the OG shoe; something I have mixed feelings about if I’m completely honest, as I’m not a huge fan of the OG’s blocky appearance when worn. (I’m probably in trouble with some of my close friends on this…)

This is now also about the tenth 6000 that predominantly features Red as it’s main colourway (OK fifth if we’re talking toebox/heelwrap as the upper) and should prove popular in the stores and on the street. Available now from Titolo.

Don’t forget to check out the GL 6000 Field Guide too, which…*ahem* needs updating! More pics after the jump 🙂 —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — ‘Cool Breeze’


In something of a fresh colourway (almost inspired by the recent wave of super-fun South Korean colourways) these utilise a ‘cool breeze’ eggshell blue in the mesh upper (a very unique application it needs to be said) with grey, and signal red.

Perhaps these ready just in time for Easter… Available now from UK’s Urban Industry. —BokOne