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GL 6000 ANE — Orange/Olive


The focus for many of us Bokheads/Retrobokheads has been away from the ’85 legend GL 6000 for a little while now, since a crazy number of makeups hit global stores from 2010 onwards. Hit the jump for more prattle, images and clicky-clicky-buy-buy.  Read the rest of this entry

Todays’ Retroboks — GL 6000 (Dark Green/Moon White/White)


I rarely take selfies, but as Reebok Classics were kind enough to send me these super-crisp 6000‘s in Green/White, how could I not? 🙂 —BokOne

When is an LX 8500 *not* an LX 8500?


…is a very very good question. If I was to presume (and I may have to pick David Fosters’ brain on this) that the 1985 LX 8500 was essentially a luxury nubuck leather/pigskin makeup of the GL 6000, then what is a Fabric/Mesh makeup of an LX 8500? Read on for 4 more surprising colourways and meandering waffle 😉  Read the rest of this entry

Highs and Lows X Reebok Classics – LX 8500 – Coming Soon


The Highs and Lows makeup of the GL 6000 (the first boutique collab on that shoe back in 2010 iirc – and to celebrate HAL’s 5th Anniversary) was a tough act to follow, and highly prized by collectors. Notably for it’s bold use of Blacks, Reds and Greys, so it was hopefully inevitable they’d follow up with a similarly inspired collab again in the future.

And here it is: the slightly forgotten LX 8500 retro (the OG was a legend in its’ own lifetime, certainly not in need of any violin playing from me), this time packing a gold/grey blocked out frontal section, and again – and no complaints here – the primary red flexwave and heelstrike midsole details with black contrasting upper.

Can’t see any precise release dates just yet, but will keep ’em peeled. Images via TeamReebok1895 BokOne

GL 6000 CH — Black/Paperwhite/Antique Copper: Pickup, Macro pics and a little fabric history


The most recent addition to my GL 6000 collection is possibly my favourite to date as well. This colourway seems to tick so many personal boxes: muted Black/Grey upper, contemporary colour for the flexwave and midsole blockouts, and… the gold embroidered lettering…mmmmm. Read on for more photos and history…  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — Black/Paperwhite/Antique Copper


A genuinely stunning new colourway, slick photography, or just a combination of both? Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 ‘Athletic’ — Walnut

Super-fresh colourway from Reebok Classics for the GL 6000 retro; officially Walnet/Moon White/Mint but I’m chuckling to myself constantly in my head calling them just ‘Athletic Walnut’ 😀 Read on for more images and store link…

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GL 6000 — Cranberry/Blue/White/Grey

reebok-gl-6000-cranberry-1 (1)

Another fresh pair of 6000’s released, featuring one of my favourite colours for this shoe: Burgundy. Sure, it’s not featured heavily but the overall effect is decent enough. I’ve heard grumblings on a few forums that this colourway copies heavily from an Asics Gel-Lyte makeup, although I’ve not seen anything in my Google results that quite justifies this claim! Feel free to post a comment on Facebook if you know the pair. I’ve not seen these on either the official Reebok UK or US stores, but these are available now from some boutiques, with Sneaker Politics (US) the first I can see. Info and some images via Hypebeast. More pics after the jump! —BokOne
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GL 6000 — Lesmore X Reebok Classics


To date there have only been a very small number of collaborations with Reebok Classics on the GL 6000 — one with Japans XGIRL, two with Japans OSHMANS, and two (of a planned four) with Detroits The Distinct Life – making a grand total of five to date. The unisex shoe above adds to this tally.  Click on to read more…  

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GL 6000 — 2 new Korean colourways


Unless my eyes deceive me – these are 2 additional colourways of the GL 6000 which have appeared over at Reebok Korea recently. There’s such a plethora of new colourways even I’m losing track (and if there’s anywhere on the net which should be keeping track of the venerable 1985 shoe, it’s Retrobok…). The upper pair are particularly interesting as they have a green outsole which I believe is a first for the 6000 🙂 Reebok Korea —BokOne


GL 6000 — Sea Glass/Henna/Black/White


‘Sea Glass’ is a colour indentifier that Reebok Classics have used quite a lot over the last year or so – featuring on recent Ventilator makeups, and the Ltd Edt. Classic Leather collaboration (the one with snakeskin and pink, if you recall). It’s a striking colour, and even moreso when used in it’s entirety on the upper of any shoe.

Was the GL 6000 ready for this? I think it was born ready 😉 More images and store link after the jump —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 new colourways


Since the Distinct Life x Reebok collab ‘6000’s from a month or so ago, 4 new colourways have appeared Stateside (one of which was worn by Swizz Beatz in October year when interviewed by Complex TV).

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GL 6000 — Silver/Grey/Vital Blue


Looking not wholly dissimiliar to the OG Womens 6000’s, these have just appeared at Swedens’ Caliroots/Six Feet Down and keep things very subtle with their Silver and Grey overall treatment and ‘Vital Blue’ pops. Click on for more images and link out. Thanks to my good friend Piotr for the heads up —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — Cargo Green/Paper White


Sidleing upto the recent Burgundy/White 6000’s are these muted-yet-thoughtfully-treated makeups. I’m rarely a fan of brown or green sneakers, but the sand coloured midsole and flexwave connecting up looks neat at least. Click on for more pics – available now at Urban Industry (UK). —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Gl 6000 – Red/Olive

Yet another colourway of the stability-focussed 1986 classic has just appeared over at US-based Sneaker Politics. Moving back to a near-monotone treatment to the upper, it considerably simplifies the silhouette — and I rather like them. Sneaker Politics also seem to be selling one of the GL 6000 ‘Marathon Pack’ under the ‘Patriot Pack’ nomenclature, which is confusing; I believe they’ve mixed up slightly — if anyone can clarify, please comment on FB or Twitter. Jump over to Sneaker Politics right now (after you’ve jumped here to check out more pics of this Red/Olive beauty). —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry