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Retrobok X Complex feature — The Reebok Runners That Defined 90’s Sneaker Culture

Complex contacted me a few weeks ago to compare notes on a forthcoming feature about 90’s Reebok runners, and it’s just been published. Hopefully they’ll correct the slight ERS Racer / ERS 5000 mixup at the top of the page (they may have already done so by the time you read this) but it’s an awesome article, with a very kind nod to Retrobok too. Head on over to Complex now. —BokOne

Complex — The Reebok Runners That Defined 90’s Sneaker Culture


History section re-focussed

The Retrobok HISTORY section has now been re-focussed, following some useful feedback : even regular visitors may not have seen some of its contents. One of Retroboks‘  purposes is to unearth, clarify and preserve Reebok history, so this section is especially important to the site. I plan to expand it very shortly! ~BokOne

The Starcrest: A Retrobok visual theory of evolution

Ex-Reebok David Foster was kind enough to confirm the origins of the Reebok Starcrest – many thanks again. ~BokOne

Media section: 200+ Images added

Retrobok now has a vastly expanded Media area — now in 4 parts with 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and ‘2000 onwards‘ each having their own dedicated pages. There is a great deal of exciting material in here, from the basic black and white newspaper adverts of the 70’s, featuring strange shoes with equally strange names, through the colourful (and occasionally cheesy) 80’s and into the sharper more aggressive 90’s styles. I’ll be showcasing specific adverts in new posts on Retrobok over the coming weeks, but I must thank David Gumbley for contributing so many fantastically detailed scans. His own website is over at NoSugar.Co.Uk with other sneaker brands covered too. Enjoy! ~BokOne

Coming soon! HUGE collection of printed Reebok material

I’m extremely pleased to announce that I’ll be adding a MASSIVE collection of printed Reebok advertising material & catalogues to Retrobok — courtesy of a keen collector. The material is hugely useful for seeing shoe lineage, Reebok branding and advertising history, and for improving the accuracy on the 70’s / 80’s / 90’s pages here on Retrobok. Watch this space! ~BokOne

World Best (2011 retro) — Unboxing

Another first for Retrobok — following yesterdays’ interview with the legendary David Foster — I thought it would be fun to do an ‘unboxing’ (something fashionable and admittedly more logical on Tech websites).

My latest purchase was a pair of the 2011 retro of the 1987 ‘World Best’, and whilst not a particularly special colourway they are strikingly similiar to my first Reeboks – the 1985 Rapide – which was also in grey/black/red. Unboxing maybe a bit of an overstatement for ‘a pair of shoes in a box’, but it provides an excuse to take some macro pictures and enjoy the design details that the naked eye somehow doesn’t take in.

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Interview – David Foster

Retrobok is hugely fortunate to have interviewed David Foster, revealing some fascinating insights into Reeboks’ history. David is the 8th generation of the Foster family involved in shoemaking — his Father Joe and Uncle Jeff started Reebok from the ashes of the J.W. Fosters company in 1958. David himself was directly involved in the design and manufacture of some of Reeboks’ most succesful shoes in the 1980’s. Read on for a glimpse into Reeboks’ most important years — and to discover the influence from Volvo Cars … Read the rest of this entry