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Insta Pump Fury ‘F1 Racing’ pack


Reebok are having some great fun with this F1 pack of the Insta Pump serving up 3 colourways which closely (but not actually) resemble 3 of the top F1 teams of all time. You’ll have to work those out for yourself! Reebok have then used some connecting colours to link the 3 shoes in spirit. The carbon fibre style upper is superbly done, and works especially well on the silver pair. My personal favourite would have to be the black/gold/white pair which hark back to a famous F1 team colourway back in the 1970’s. For a 1994 shoe this still holds it own against current cutting edge shoe designs — if only we could see F1 pit crews wearing these in real life! Available now from the phone-or-email-only Feature Boutique. More pics after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Insta Pump Fury — Olive/Orange, Teal Gem/Nuclear Yellow, Tetra Blue/Red


Looking not unlike a group of super-heroes in these colourways, these super fresh Insta Pumps’ have just landed at UK’s End for £135 a pop. Featuring the familiar features such as the the Pump exo-skeletal upper, Hexalite, Graphlite Arc Bridge and OG-accurate hexalite cutaway in the rear midsole this is a very bold pack which even Steven Smith would be proud of. End (UK) —BokOne

Insta Pump Fury — “Koi/Cherry Blossom”

Wow. Absolutely stunning makeup on these Insta Pump Furys — inspired by much loved traditions of Japan – the Koi (Carp) Fish and Cherry Blossom. Love the alternating front/back Koi scale patterns, Cherry Blossom inner lining, Koi sockliner print and the inclusion of 2 Koi hangtags and additional Reebok Hangtag. Let alone the superb colour palette chosen throughout. These really are a collectors dream —  keep your eyes peeled around early May! —BokOne

Pump Furys in Korea

The Insta Pump Fury currently runs 6 bold colourways over at Reebok South Korea, 8 if you include the 2 cute Kids’ variants – with what I believe are working Pumps! If somebody could explain to me the difference in the rear sole windows (triangular vs hexalite panel) – in the adults versions – I’d be interested to know. Click the image to jump over to Reebok Korea. ~BokOne

Thanks to Tony Chao for this info —  “the triangular windows are all Pump Fury pre SS 2013. Starting 2013, we switched back to OG Fury with the Hexalite windows