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GL 6000 — 2 new Korean colourways


Unless my eyes deceive me – these are 2 additional colourways of the GL 6000 which have appeared over at Reebok Korea recently. There’s such a plethora of new colourways even I’m losing track (and if there’s anywhere on the net which should be keeping track of the venerable 1985 shoe, it’s Retrobok…). The upper pair are particularly interesting as they have a green outsole which I believe is a first for the 6000 🙂 Reebok Korea —BokOne


GL 6000 — 2014, part 2





Seen here first at Retrobok and on no other sneaker sites yet, here’s a brand new set of 6 x GL 6000 colourways over on Reebok Koreas’ official store. With a few of these utilising the LX 8500 Retro‘s detailing such as the vintaged sidestripes and heel tab, it’s the first striking White/Red/Blue pair with the yellowed midsole that really gets my attention – very striking, and reminiscent (though not quite as similiar as first appears) of the legendary PBIf anybody at Reebok Korea can help me get hold of a pair of those I’d be incredibly grateful.

Reebok Korea. —BokOne

Double Action Korean GL 6000’s


Forgetting to check the Reebok Korea website once a day is usually a mistake! And here we have, a further 2 colourways in Grey/Reebok Red/White and Black/Raspberry/White. The latter reminds me strongly of an early 2009 colourway in Burgundy, which I’ve always felt was one of the best new 6000 colour makeups.

The big news here is that this — by my count — brings the post-2009 retro close to 50 colourways.

Fifty is an incredible number given that this retro has only existed for around 4 years, and I’m hoping it’s a sure sign of the 6000’s success out there on the street, Asia particularly. I’m curious to know who out there owns every colourway 😀  —BokOne

Reebok Korea (Not yet seen on Reebok Japan, USA or European sites)
Retrobok GL 6000 Field Guide **Updated**

LX 8500 now available in Korea

Both colourways now available from Reebok Korea – though not Japan yet it seems. Reebok Korea.—BokOne

GL 6000 — Korea — 2 x more!

V54913-1 V54914-1

Blink and you’d miss them! Some more routine detective work led me to Reebok Korea where another 2 ‘unisex’ colourways have appeared, They haven’t appeared officially outside Korea as yet but there’s an sale…) . So, cue some more shots featuring Korean model/singer Sohee, some slightly crunchy GL 6000 statics I spotted at a ‘friends’ Facebook page, and another picture of Sohee being directed by a guy I think I may know 😉 Plenty more images after the jump! Reebok Korea. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Phase II retro — Korean colourways emerging

As I mentioned a few days ago, I need to visit Reebok Koreas’ website at least twice a day to keep up… just spotted 3 fresh colourways of the Phase II retro, and fresh they are too. Reebok Korea: 두드러진! Phase II (Reebok Korea) —BokOne

CL 30th Anniversary — ‘Korea Pack’

I’ve seen these on Reebok Koreas’ website for a few weeks now, and they’re pretty tidy treatments to the CL’s. Designed in-house at Reebok apparently too. 1 of the pairs runs a very OG Paris Runner colourway. Some really nice pictures out there too (it’s all looking a bit 80’s for these lads above!). Click on for more of the 4 treatments. Only available at this moment in time from Reebok Korea —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Glossy Lips!

Spotted some more 2013 Korean GL6000 promo images of model Sohee, which are pretty good fun — particularly as this campaign is really bringing retro ‘Boks into focus for a much younger generation. The fact that many 80’s Reeboks were made in Korea isn’t lost on us either. More after the jump. ~BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Pump Furys in Korea

The Insta Pump Fury currently runs 6 bold colourways over at Reebok South Korea, 8 if you include the 2 cute Kids’ variants – with what I believe are working Pumps! If somebody could explain to me the difference in the rear sole windows (triangular vs hexalite panel) – in the adults versions – I’d be interested to know. Click the image to jump over to Reebok Korea. ~BokOne

Thanks to Tony Chao for this info —  “the triangular windows are all Pump Fury pre SS 2013. Starting 2013, we switched back to OG Fury with the Hexalite windows

GL 6000 – 2 more in Korea!

Nice! 🙂 Even though they’re both marked as ‘Unisex’ I think those Red/Yellow/Black will get a lot of interest particularly from Male customers, and dare I state the obvious but the Sky Blue/Pink/Pink should get plenty of female attention too. So… right now there are 9 new colourways out there. How easy it is for non-Asian customers to get hold of these Korean colours is another matter – certainly they’ve not surfaced on the Japanese store at time of writing. And studying the promo photo below, there could be another 2 or 3 colourways to go (though I’m not feeling those lime green pair so much…) Each image links out directly – I’ll keep my onions peeled for these on sale elsewhere. ~BokOne

GL 6000 – Go Loud

And another… perhaps I’ll create a page dedicated just to these tasty Korea promos! And perhaps include a link to Korea Reeclubs’ YouTube page 😀 ~BokOne

GL 6000 Reebok Replay x Bling – Video & Photos

More Korean promo material for the current GL 6000 range involving BMX’s, Skateboarding, breakdancing and … ballet dancing? In what seems like a cross-promotion with Bling Magazine, there’s also a decent set of promo photos (one example above) which can be seen at their Facebook page Great stuff! ~BokOne

GL 6000 – Another forthcoming Korean release + Video

GL 6000 South Korea photoshoot

The MEDIA section has been updated with a selection of recent photos promoting the latest wave of GL 6000‘s in South Korea. The great news is that I’ve been told that 2013 is THE year for the GL 6000 — in South Korea at least. So stand by to see a host of bold and colourful makeups, which I think may divide opinion with Retrobok visitors… ~BokOne

GL 6000 x 6000 ??

I’m not sure I can keep up any more 😮 Whether these are a decent Photoshop job, or samples I can’t tell…. (click image to view larger) ~BokOne