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London TC Vintage — new colourways

Reebok-London-TCFollowing my London TC unboxing post, 2 more colourways of the ultra-light 1983 road racer have appeared in stores. The first of which makes it look near-identical to the OG Paris Runner – sure, both France and the United Kingdom have flags featuring Red, White and Blue but I can’t help loving the crossover feeling here! Hit the jump for the 2nd tidy colourway and store links. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

London TC —Unboxing & Macros


The 1983 Reebok London is a bit of a rarety within the current release of retros’ from Reebok Classic, primarily as it was a true road-race shoe back in the day. It also sits alongside last years release of the Aztec OG in this regard; especially when you experience the shoes side-by-side each having a lightness and thinness that even modern Nike runners would find hard to match.

Beyond this, the London TC has a parallel with recent Kendrick Lamar collabs that may surprise you. Hit the jump for more macros and eulogizing… Read the rest of this entry

Advert of the day — 1986 Reebok London

1986 Reebok London

From Retroboks’ extensive 80’s Media Section. —BokOne

Reebok London Runner – 3rd colourway spotted

I’ve just spotted the existence of a third colourway for the retro’d 1983 London Runner (renamed as the Reebok London) over at Australian Culture Kings. Two of the London colourways I knew about previously, but the Black/Red treatment is new to me — apologies if I’m a bit late to these. I’m pleasantly surprised at the range of Reeboks appearing over at the Australian stores – within the last 6 months there’s been a proliferation of choice for our Aussie friends. Culture Kings also been added to the Stores page.  | ~BokOne

OG 1986 London Runners on eBay

These original ’86 London Runners were spotted on eBay (thanks once again to DIXY) and reveal some interesting details. The contrasting Red and Blue heel tabs are  something pretty unique and perhaps, dare I say it – flashy, and a Vibram-branded sole which has a parallel with the 1986 GL6000‘s Goodyear-branded soles. It’s nice to have a bit of light shed on a forgotten shoe. Currently taking bids on eBAY UK.

More pics after the jump. ~BokOne

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Reebok London pack

Not really setting the Olympic Torch alight with this pack, Reebok. However, the Grey/Red/Blue pair have something about the 1986 London Runner about them – though they’re clearly not a re-issue. Just appeared over at Size? in the UK. [Grey/Red/Blue] – [Dark Navy/Red/White]

(Additional: I spotted a nice design detail on these – the use of the Starcrest on the sole):