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Renarts x LX 8500 ‘Dead End Kids’


Apparently inspired by the off-field behaviour of the 1986 New York Mets team, these stunning LX 8500’s feature an all-black leather upper, with a Mets-Blue suede toecap, and orange piping on the medial (inner) side of the shoe representing the neon signs at the Mets’ Shea stadium. Hit the jump for more photography and keyboard mashing. Read the rest of this entry

24 Kilates x Reebok LX8500 “Bangkok”

Sweet, sweet promo for Barcelonas’ 24 Kilates take on the venerable 1985 LX 8500 – a colourway which certainly captures the bright colours and vibrancy of Bangkok with a shoe inspired by the cities own Tuk Tuks.

I’m seeing slightly mixed messages about release dates ; so let’s say from today (12th March) most likely from 24 Kilates themselves, and a few days later from other boutique/certified network stores. Either way, I’d jump in and punch any available orders to make sure not to miss them. Hit the jump for more photos from the shoot, and store links. —BokOne

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LX 8500 ‘Exotics’ (Womens)


Curious treatment to the venerable LX 8500, this. Always pleased to see womens makeups of Retroboks, so it’ll be interesting to see how popular this Rose/Clay/Stone/Chalk colourway proves itself to be. The lizard/snakeskin texture and nubuck upper helps explain the exotics name. Hit the jump for a couple more images and the store link. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

SALE! Reebok Germany


Just spotted some huge discounts at Reeboks official store in Germany — head over there now for upto 70% off shoes, including 50% off the recent LX 8500 colourways (one of which is shown above). Slightly surprising to see such large discounts so quickly — perhaps in celebration of their World Cup win… (congratulations to our German friends by the way 😉 ). Get over there quick! Reebok Germany —BokOne

LX 8500 new colourways now available @ Reebok UK

Title says it all 😉 Reebok UK —BokOne


LX 8500 — Woven Label, available now (Australia)

reebok-classic-woven-label-lx-8500-fall-winter-2014-c-570x379 reebok-classic-woven-label-lx-8500-fall-winter-2014-d-570x379

The 2 colourways shown above are now available from an Australian store I’ve only just been made aware of (by the simple fact that they’re now stocking these LX 8500’s!). Order now from Glue store, with free delivery on items over AU$75. —BokOne

LX 8500 — Fall/Winter ‘Woven Label’


More new LX 8500 colourways are apparently forthcoming from Reebok stockists, though I’ve not spotted any online just yet. I’m a slightly bit concerned that some of the retro LX colourways are getting a little too similiar (the royal reds for example, run close to the recent signal red colourway), and the further use of dark greys and navys in the colourways above isn’t helping either. But as I mentioned in a previous post – the leather LX doesn’t lend itself to brighter colours – I do appreciate that it’s a tricky design challenge for Reebok Classics to keep the designs varied but ‘on point’. More pictures after the jump. Info via Freshnessmag. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 — 3 new colourways, available


The above 3 new retro LX 8500 colourways are now available from Reebok UK, the Red/Black pair looking particularly badass: taking the fight to the myriad of colourways on the GL 6000. Great stuff 😀 Reebok UK —BokOne

LX 8500 — Grey/Burgundy


Second new colourway for the LX 8500 retro, following on from the recent Black/Green pair. I wasn’t blown away on first seeing these Burgundy/Greys, but they have a retro charm to them and it’s certainly a unique colour combination. Read on for more waffle, imagery and link.  Read the rest of this entry

George Bush X Reebok, 1980’s


Following the Homer Simpson advert I posted a few weeks back, we have another comedy character on a completely different level: ex-President George Bush Senior rocking a pair of LX 8500’s back in the mid 80’s. I’m really not sure this is selling retro Reeboks to anyone, but it makes a change from seeing Nike every time 🙂 Thanks for the heads up from Matt @ Laced Brisbane. —BokOne

Crooked Tongues wax lyrical about the LX 8500 Vintage Pack

In the world of sneaker blogging, the daily ritual of posting the latest links to new (or old!) kicks can result in empty and impassioned content. Nice to see Crooked Tongues waxing lyrical about the LX 8500, explaining a little about what it was back in the day and why it’s an on-point retro. Nothing like some history and emotion to get sneakerheads attention 🙂 Read over at Crooked Tongues —BokOne

LX8500 vs LX-8500

photo (3)

BokTwo has taken some superb side-by-side shots of the 2013 Vintage Pack LX 8500 with its’ mid-2000’s predecessor retro — a quite significant shoe regardless of it’s inaccuracies, particularly because it was one of Reeboks’ earliest and significant retro’s.  Click on to see the images, thanks again to BokTwo — a man with a collection we must feature sometime…. 😉 —BokTwo  Read the rest of this entry

More LX 8500 colourways in the pipeline

BokTwo reports that over on the Crooked Tongues forum, a user by the name of kidos74 has mentioned another 3 colourways to the LX 8500 – one of which is pictured above – whilst confirming the delayed September drop. Him working for does suggest he knows his oats (though if I was to be honest I’d say thedropdate is somewhat lacking in Reebok updates). All good though — post up your thoughts if you wish 🙂 —BokOne


LX 8500 Vintage Pack — September 1st release date likely


Release date still a bit faraway? One of my Reebok contacts suggested that September 1st is the likely global release date for the LX 8500 Vintage Pack we’re all excited about. One of Retroboks’ halo shoes? Will it be worth the wait? Absolutely. —BokOne

LX8500 – Vintage Pack 2013 – Close Ups


Click on for close ups of the LX 8500 Vintage Pack shoes.  Read the rest of this entry