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When is an LX 8500 *not* an LX 8500?


…is a very very good question. If I was to presume (and I may have to pick David Fosters’ brain on this) that the 1985 LX 8500 was essentially a luxury nubuck leather/pigskin makeup of the GL 6000, then what is a Fabric/Mesh makeup of an LX 8500? Read on for 4 more surprising colourways and meandering waffle 😉  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 advert — Our Past is the Future of Running (1986)


I’m surprised myself that I’d not found this sooner, but it’s fantastic to see an original 1986 advert for the LX 8500 (the year can be feintly seen in the bottom right corner). The advert naturally covers the 4 main ‘technologies’ of the LX ; the Reebound™ midsole, patented embossed pigskin upper, Goodyear® Indy 500® outsole and of course the 3M Scotchlite™ reflective trim on the heel wrap. That’s enough ®’s and ™’s for one sentence…

The ad also mentions the shoes’ availability from Cal Sports which I think it would be safe to presume that this was a US print advert.

Added to Retroboks’ 80’s Media section – plenty more in there to investigate! —BokOne

LX 8500 — Moon White/Walnut/Green — Steel/Royal/Flat Grey


Click to read bibble-babble & store link.  Read the rest of this entry

New LX8500 colourways spotted in Korea

2 ‘fruity’ new makeups of the luxury classic LX8500 have recently appeared over at Reebok Koreas’ website (who often provide the earliest glimpses of new colourways). The colour blocking is pretty dramatic, with the toebox and lateral getting their own secondary colouring — and actually when you look at last years’ OG retro, through to the ‘second phase’ and these latest (third phase?) you can see a basic lineage (image below) —


I’ll be honest that I’m somewhat mixed about these new treatments; they’re certainly bold but not personally my thing — the veteran LX (originally a Mens only shoe) only feels right with strong, no-nonsense colourways. But perhaps I’m being a bit old-fashioned… Newer generations than me will vote with their cash.

Available currently at Reebok Korea.  —BokOne

LX 8500 — New colourways coming soon at Atmos, Japan


Whether Reebok Classics have done a bang-up job here or not is upto you: Do these new LX 8500 colourways elicit excitement and interest, or do they simply get ignored and passed-by?

It’s a tricky one because on the one hand sure, they’re not eye-popping colourways and to the ordinary person on the street they’re not even going to notice the difference between these and the Athletic Navy/Railroad Grey retros from last year (remember that only the Railroad Grey/Athletic Navy – in that order – was the OG colourway).

On the other hand: well this is the LX 8500: a (now vintage) luxury running shoe from 1985. It doesn’t need fluorescent colourways, mesh uppers or coloured midsoles to bring it up-to-date: that would miss the point entirely.

Another point to mention is that the lighter of the pair (Graphite/Steel/Weathered White) at the top of the page are strikingly similar to the mid-2000’s retros of the LX — of which there were many colourways, mainly available in Asia if I remember correctly.

Available to pre-order from the Atmos site, their website suggests they will be available on 18th July. More images after the jump—BokOne Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 now available from Reebok UK & US Stores


The LX 8500 has now appeared on Reeboks’ official UK store in the railroad grey colourway at £90. In the US both colourways are available (slightly tough pill to swallow for UK Reebok fans it has to be said), but ahead of the September release date the global boutique stores have been waiting for. These haven’t yet appeared on the Asian or other European Reebok store sites from what I can see. Reebok UK / Reebok US. —BokOne

LX 8500 — Third 2013 colourway sneak peek

Photo 30-05-2013 13 49 34

BokTwo has been wearing his detectives’ Trilby & Macintosh and hunted us down this sneak peek of another LX 8500 colourway. Without an insert it’s lost its silhouette a little, and I’m rather mixed about this colourway if I’m honest – but moreover I’m really hoping that Reebok stagger the new colourways until after the 2 Vintage Pack shoes drop. BokTwo is working hard on getting quality shots of the other new colourways, will post up as soon as he does – thanks Dixy 😀 —BokOne

LX8500 Vintage Pack: The Original, and the 2000’s retros

Continuing Retroboks’ excitement about the forthcoming LX8500 Vintage Pack, here’s a summation of media & info I could find about the original 1985 shoe, as well as the mid-2000’s retros.

lx8500_og Read the rest of this entry

Retrobok EXCLUSIVE: LX8500 Vintage Pack first glimpse

V48986_2 V48987_2

I am hugely hugely proud to present a Web first  showing first glimpses of the Fall/Winter 2013 LX85000 Vintage Pack. In Railroad Grey/Olympic Creme/Black and Athletic Navy/Olympic Creme/Railroad Grey, these retros feature premium soft leather upper with snakeskin embossed heel. Reebok have really gone the whole vintage treatment including the yellowing glue, pre-worn leather upper, and slighty iffy midsole panelling, although I think the originals’ 3M reflective piping on the heel counter has been dropped. Cherry on this Retrobok cake is the accurate vintage 80’s logotype on the upper, which was slightly crammed into the side window of the OG’s with the ® often part-visible.  If so, I’m extremely happy to see this, and proud if Retrobok helped inspire this retro. More images + info shortly. —BokOne