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SALE! Pump Running Dual, CL Trail (UK)

UK’s Express Trainers have been a little quiet with true Retrobok shoes for a while, but with Phase III’s recently appearing – a revisit paid off by revealing they’re now selling the CL Trail and Pump Running Duals shown above…. for silly money. If I’m correct, those Pumps were selling for well over £100 on Reeboks official site just a few months back, so at £55 these are a steal.

The CL Trail (not the most flattering photo above, it has to be said) is a genuinely superb ‘new retro’ shoe – inspired by the Classic Leather, but with a waterproof sealed upper, an outsole inspired by the 80’s Fjell Runners and is fleece-lined, superb for cold or wet weather conditions. I’m a big fan of these, and at £33… well, worth adding to your collection. Express Trainers (UK). —BokOne


Sale! Urban Industry (UK)

The UK’s splendid Urban Industry currently has a glut of Retroboks’ at seriously good sale prices – so if you’re keen on picking up a bargain pair of ERS2000, CL Lthr Vintage/Retro, GL6000, Pump Omni Lite or Insta Pump Furys – well nows the time! In limited sizes so be quick! Urban Industry —BokOne