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Sole Trainer – New colourways (UK)


Some pretty handsome new colourways for the 90’s lightweight runner, the Sole trainer available now in the UK. Previously know as the Mantra HXL (for its Hexalite) and Classic Sole, it’s looks may be love-em’-or-hate-em’ but I’ll tell you this — the Sole is a super super lightweight shoe, and given the features packed inside it’s still a mystery how Reebok did it.

If you’ve not picked up a pair, now’s the time. Reebok UK —BokOne

Sole Trainer new colourways

The early 90’s Sole Trainer (aka Mantra HXL or Concorde depending which country you lived in during the 90’s) has another set of very lively colourways to earn it more interest – which it certainly deserves (check out the Retrobok quick review here).

The China Red/Seagull makeup we’ve seen recently in some of the boutique stores, but the ‘acid’ Green and ‘energy’ Blue pair are very new and work superbly with the mesh on the upper. I’d actually say the Green pair genuinely look like a 2014 era running shoe, with only the 90’s midsole giving away the retro truth 🙂

Available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne

Quick Review — Sole Trainer


Reebok Classics were kind enough to send me a pair of this retro’d 1990 shoe, and I’ll be honest — even as proprietor of Retrobok it was a shoe I might have passed by, based on online photos.   Read the rest of this entry

Sole Trainer — China Red/Seagull/White

What no other Sneaker sites will tell you is that the rather uninspiringly-titled Sole Trainer has had a multitude of more interesting names over the years — names such as (my favourite) Mantra HXL and the Concorde. Reebok have released this bold China Red/Seagull/White colourway for the under-appreciated Sole Trainer, available now from Sneaker Politics (USA). Standby for a quick review of this shoe right after this post… —BokOne

Sole Trainer


“In 1990, the Sole Trainer was considered a break through trainer, offering the lightweight  forefoot and rear cushioning of HEXALITE technology while the molded straps on the forefoot and rear of the upper provided a comfortable fit. The Dupont molded Evalite midsole made it also the most durable lightweight trainer on the market at that time.”

So here’s 4 colourways for 2014, with the OG colourway above in White/Bright Cadmium/Steel with 3 new darker seasonal makeups shown below. Interesting to note that the OG 1990 colourway utilises Leather and Polypag materials, with the 2014 colourways using Pig Seude and Mesh. I’m really liking the bold colour blocking on the 2014 shoes particularly, with the OG colourway boasting it’s own distinguishable colouway.

All of these are available now from stores selling the Classic Reserve collection. Click on to see all 4 shoes. —BokOne

V60431 V60433_Profile V60437

SALE! Pump Fury HLS, Kamikaze III, Sole Trainer, Ex o Fit Hi

Ok so a couple of these shoes are slightly outside Retroboks’ radar but with all well under the £35 mark they’re a bit of a steal. In limited sizes over at Europe/UK based Express Trainers. —BokOne