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GL 6000…. 3 more colourways in South Korea

I think I need to visit Reeboks’ South Korea website twice a day, to keep up with the number of GL 6000 colourways coming out…. 3 more eye-popping models, the day-glo yellow pair are the boldest yet 😀 Reebok South Korea —BokOne

GL 6000 x 6000 ??

I’m not sure I can keep up any more 😮 Whether these are a decent Photoshop job, or samples I can’t tell…. (click image to view larger) ~BokOne

5 x GL 6000 2013 colourways in South Korea

The South Korean GL 6000 videos led me to the official Reebok South Korea site where another 3 colourways are now available (2 of which have been shown here before on Retrobok), including an all-grey markup, a very girly pink/grey, and the Red/Blue and Blue/Yellow seen previously. Interestingly, they’re all marked as ‘Unisex’, they’re not currently available on either the US or UK official sites though. Head over to Reebok South Korea to avoid straining your neck at my montage 😉 ~BokOne

Note – 3 x colourways also available at the official Japanese store, alongside the curious Flex Real Classic GL‘s (look closely at their uppers!).

South Korean GL 6000 commercials

Keen-eyed Dixy pointed me in the direction of these recent South Korean GL 6000 videos, which are pretty damn sweet. I can’t help being a little perplexed at the 6000 runners being used for Skateboarding though, I guess Reebok are trying to make them a little more ‘street’. ~BokOne