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3.V.O.7. x Reebok Classics


Taiwanese-American Actor/Singer/Director/Producer Van Ness Wu is the Creative Director of Reebok (Greater China Division), and under his 3.V.O.7. label comes this exceptional treatment to the 30th Anniversary Classic Leather. Mixing a multi-coloured Denim upper with Ostrich leather overlays, an ice-blue sole and 3.V.O.7. heart motifs results in one of the years finest collabs. Combined with what could be a very limited edition release in Taiwan, these could prove to be particularly exclusive for the collectors out there. Info and photos via Hypebeast, more images after the jump! —BokOne 

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G-Shock & Reebok Classic Leather celebrate joint 30th Anniversarys — Reebok X Casio X 3.V.0.7

Hypebeast have just reported about a Reebok X Casio X 3.V.0.7 watch which at first appeared to be ‘just’ a G-Shock with additional logo stamps. This pack also includes a pair of CL Camo and appears to be Taiwan-only, limited to just 100 pairs.

What Hypebeast haven’t found out is there is a little more to report here: First, as the post title implies both Reeboks Classic Leather and the Casio G-Shock were launched in 1983, sharing their 30th anniversarys this year.

With this collab pack released under his jewellery line ‘3.V.0.7’, Actor/Singer/Director/Producer Van Ness Wu also happens to be the Creative Director of Reebok (Greater China Division) — his American/Taiwanese heritage cementing this relationship: in short he’s Taiwans’ Swizz Beatz. 

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