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Revenge Plus Gum Pack


The Revenge Plus —in essence a Club C but with sidestripes— carries on the huge success of the Club C retros from the last couple of years, this time with a couple of subtle makeups in Classic White/Sand Stone and Skull Grey/White (yeah I’m struggling to work out which is which!). Either way, one of the most comfortable shoes in my own collection and well worth a look.


Reebok (UK) — Overkill (Germany)Titolo (Switzerland) (not seeing these outside Europe, although plenty of Revenge colourways out there). —BokOne

Club C 85 ELM “Element Pack”

reebok-club-c-85-elm-pack-1-696x464Firstly, apologies for lack of activity on Retrobok – I’ve recently relocated to Tokyo so will attempt to increase activity over the coming few months, possibly with a little more Asian markt insight.

There have been quite a few Club C 85 makeups released over the last few months; testament to the shoes’ timelessness, clean lines and the supple comfort of a Terrycloth lining. I have a few pairs and they’re regular go-to’s for urban/daily wear.

The ‘Element Pack’ (aka ELM) includes 3 subtle tonal pastel makeups with the 3 colourways being titled ‘Seaside Grey’, ‘Porcelain Pink’ and ‘Fresh Blue’ and are currently available from stores such as Overkill (Germany), Titolo (Switzerland), and End (UK / Australia and – yes, US friends, the USA!). -BokOne


Beauty & Youth X NPC II


Back at the start of the year, Reebok Classic pronounced 2016 the ‘Year of Court’ with a set of re-releases of iconic shoes such as the Club C, NPC, NPC UK and Phase 1 Pro. Since then, they’ve also been working hard releasing Court classics with collaborators such as Highs and Lows, Garbstore, Hall of Fame, Social Status, Beams, Burn Rubber, mita, Packer and Extra Butter to name… well most of them.

These super-clean NPC II’s are set to be available 1st July from Japans’ Beauty & Youth. -BokOne


mita X Phase 1 Pro ‘Woodgrain’


Surprising treatment to the ’84 Tennis classic ‘Phase 1 Pro’, with Japans’ mita decking (ha) out much of the upper with a woodgrain effect, apparently in a nod to the days of Wooden Tennis Racquets. The toe box and heel tab have been left clean with a simple tan suede, while other details include a gum sole, chain-link insole print, dual branded tongue and white lacing.

Hit the jump for more photos of this fascinating shoe, release date and yet more poorly-chosen wooden wordplay. Read the rest of this entry

ACT 600 ’85


Sick. Things don’t get much more Retrobok than this. With the clean white Tennis sneaker thing going on at the moment at least here in Oz, where I’m keenly awaiting a pair of the Club C 85 Vintages), I’m so pleased that Reebok Classics have re-‘served’ (ugh) this superb vintage shoe. Read on for more images, original 1985 advert and store links. Read the rest of this entry

ACT 600 re-issues

Now this is a surprise – the 1985 ACT 600 Tennis shoe has appeared re-issued on UK site Brandosa in both White and Black colourways. It’s hardly the most exciting looking shoe, but no doubt proved a reliable and stable piece of equipment for Tennis Players with finest garment leather uppers and (at the time) a removable custom-moulded cushion insert. Here’s the original ’85 advert (be sure check out the Adverts/Catalogues section here on Retrobok). Click on for more images of the ACT 600.

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