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LX 8500 new colourways now available @ Reebok UK

Title says it all 😉 Reebok UK —BokOne


ERS 2000 — new colourways

I’m absolutely loving these new ERS 2000 colourways from Reebok Classics, which have recently appeared on their UK site. PARTICULARLY that top pair with the blue mesh upper. Very very tempted with those! Available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne


GL 6000 — Design your own @Reebok UK


Great news for our UK-based friends, you can now customise your own pair of GL 6000′s on Reeboks UK store. The only slight issue here is that Reebok UK don’t post outside the UK, which is a bit awkward if for example you live in Australia like myself 😦

If you get your own customs made, please drop me a line at Retrobok and we’ll showcase them!

Reebok UK. —BokOne


Sale — Reebok UK, 25% off


The banner says all the info you need 😀 Well, apart from the link. Remember the promo code when you checkout! Reebok UK. —BokOne

LX 8500 — 3 new colourways, available


The above 3 new retro LX 8500 colourways are now available from Reebok UK, the Red/Black pair looking particularly badass: taking the fight to the myriad of colourways on the GL 6000. Great stuff 😀 Reebok UK —BokOne

ERS 1500 — Tin Grey/Steel/Grey/Blue

V55219_02 (1)

A new treatment to the ‘new retro’ ERS 1500 has appeared on Reeboks’ UK store, with a textured toe-wrap, silver mesh upper and deep blue heel on the midsole. Tidy. Reebok UK —BokOne


Classic Jam — 3 fresh colourways

Reebok are having some fun with the Classic Jam colourways, with these 3 currently available at Reebok UK, each featuring a speckled midsole details and Hexalite technology. The Classic Jam was inspired by early 90’s Reverse Jam and Thunder Jam, with the CJ losing Reeboks’ all-too-familiar sidestripe crosscheck. Reebok UK. —BokOne

LX 8500 now available from Reebok UK & US Stores


The LX 8500 has now appeared on Reeboks’ official UK store in the railroad grey colourway at £90. In the US both colourways are available (slightly tough pill to swallow for UK Reebok fans it has to be said), but ahead of the September release date the global boutique stores have been waiting for. These haven’t yet appeared on the Asian or other European Reebok store sites from what I can see. Reebok UK / Reebok US. —BokOne

Pump Running Dual — ‘Suede Pack’?

3 very smart makeups of the Running Dual now available from Reebok UK, and no doubt many other global Reebok outlets. These could almost be called the ‘Suede’ pack, but Reeboks’ own online store doesn’t provide any details. Reebok UK. —BokOne


SALE! ERS 1500: £39.99 from Reebok UK

The 2012 ERS 1500 is now available for just £39.99 at Reebok UK in 2 of my favourite colourways (the other 3 colourways remain at full price). Whilst reactions have been mixed (see the Retrobok Unboxing + Review here), there’s no doubting this is a great looking shoe. If I were a little critical of Reebok, I’d suggest that for their build quality this should have been their original price point. (Click either image to jump directly over). —BokOne


Freestyle Hi Vintage Packs

These bold vintage packs are available at a few stores currently, such as Reebok and Titolo. Yet I can’t help feeling that Reebok are confusing people with such a number of Freestyle Hi packs. Currently for Women — R12, R12 Int, Vintage Int, Alicia Keys, as well as the traditional makeups and then the Mens Vintage Int. which sit a little more squarely alongside the Vintage CL‘s. Some nice details nonetheless, and quite the mix of sober and eye-popping colourways to choose from. [Reebok UK Womens] [Titolo Mens] ~BokOne


Classicean… pack?

In a curious move, these somewhat 70’s feeling Ex-O-Fit Hi Vintage makeups have appeared on Reebok UK, whilst simultaneously disappearing from Italys’ Sneakers76 (where they’d been languishing for quite a few months now – unless I’ve mistaken them for a similiar shoe). Curious too is the name, but also the fact that the Keith Haring CL’s have also been bestowed the ‘Classicean’ title as well. Is this a pack? A re mark-up? If Reebok provided press releases, perhaps I could tell you. Each at £80 on Reebok UK ~BokOne

CL Trail – Blue Sport/Black/Nacho (30th Anniversary)

I’m liking the colourway title for these almost as much as the colourway itself 😀 I’ve got a pair of the first wave CL Trails in Black/Orange/Grey and they’ve become a regularly worn favourite, especially in the cold of a UK Winter as they have a fleece inner lining and a chunky sole inspired by the ’87 Fell Runner. Now available at Reebok UK [Note – Titolo currently stock a similiar pair but with a black toe wrap instead of the all-over Blue, and Sivasdelcalzo stock a pair with black toe wrap/heel counter and yellow midsole] ~BokOne

CL Nylon Slim – 9 Womens colourways @ Reebok UK

Huge range of Womens colourways currently at Reebok UK – 9 to be precise, 2 of which are in the Alicia Keys (Mrs. Swizz Beatz) makeups, and there was even a further 2 colourways which are now unavailable. Reebok UK ~BokOne




Dash Runners – 6 new colourways

Really really liking these colourways – especially the first 2 and the Silver (4th down with purple lace placketts) which is a colourway rarely seen on Retro ‘Boks. Now available over at Reebok UK (and no doubt other stores too). ~BokOne