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World Best OG vs World Best OG retro


This week I was fortunate to pick up the 2016 retro of the lightweight 1988 World Best OG, and spotted a rather nice side-by-side comparison of the original shoe and the 2016 retro. I’ve been told by ex-Reebok staff that the OG may have had ‘World Best’ stitched in an arc around the heel counter; which is not seen on the OG’s in the article, and differ to the 2016 retro where the 2 words are stacked. Check out the article here > K’Lekt

Please note that K’Lekt appear to have a form of clickbait: Clicking on the images -an obvious instinct given the articles’ subject- jumps to affiliate links (of the World Best at least), but I find it a little sneaky :/ -BokOne

Within the article was also a short promo Video from Reebok for the retro:

World Best — 2 more colourways


Just spotted these new World Best colourways over on Reebok USA, additional to the OG colourway (Chalk/Grey/Red) that was released a few weeks ago. Absolutely loving the Chalk/Gold/Navy pair in particular; the matte gold touches are just on point. Currently available at Reebok USA – or click the shoe images above to jump directly. —BokOne

Garbstore X Reebok World Best, Ventilator II


Londons’ boutique ‘Garbstore’ has had an incredible run of high-quality collabs with Reebok Classics and continuing with their ‘Outside In’ design application we have first ever images of World Best collabs, as well as the Ventilator II – a shoe already graced by the Garbstore team. Click on for more shoe makeups and store links. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

The Fjell Running series (’88-’89) and related shoes — a brief history from David Foster

Fjell Runner
I was extremely happy to see David Foster post up some of his memories of one of the last Reebok shoes handmade in Bolton, UK. Even happier as the Fjell series – particularly for their matching colourways and innovative tech – are some of my all-time favourite Retroboks – alongside some other personal favourites such as the PB and World Best.

It was a bittersweet time for Reebok as a company, as the transition to it becoming a completely USA-based was by then nearly complete. Hit the jump to read Davids’ annotations on the Fjells and a range of related shoes, back in the late 1980’s. Retrobok hopes to garner more from Davids’ memory in time.

With thanks to Stephen at Reebok Shoe Archive for some of the images below. —BokOne

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Field Guide — World Best Retro’s

I’ve just added a Retro Field Guide to the 1987 ‘World Best‘ runner to the Field Guides section. A few things to note about this shoe include – quite obviously – the lack of side stripes, the single-sided application of the Reebok logo on the upper and the fact that they were most likely designed by Reebok USA, who had designed the 1986 PB. Personally, it’s one of my favourite retros’ ; great quality, totally accurate, and wholly befitting a Retrobok section of their own. Remember to check out the unboxing & macro photos of my own pair of World Best too. —BokOne

World Best (2011 retro) — Unboxing

Another first for Retrobok — following yesterdays’ interview with the legendary David Foster — I thought it would be fun to do an ‘unboxing’ (something fashionable and admittedly more logical on Tech websites).

My latest purchase was a pair of the 2011 retro of the 1987 ‘World Best’, and whilst not a particularly special colourway they are strikingly similiar to my first Reeboks – the 1985 Rapide – which was also in grey/black/red. Unboxing maybe a bit of an overstatement for ‘a pair of shoes in a box’, but it provides an excuse to take some macro pictures and enjoy the design details that the naked eye somehow doesn’t take in.

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Fell Runner – inspiration for the CL Leather Trail?

I won’t divulge full details, but I had an interesting email recently from a designer at Reebok who stated the recent CL Trailssoles were inspired by the Fell Runner – a shoe I’ve just added into the 80’s Wall Of Fame. I’m unsure of the Fell Runners’ exact release date (and hope somebody can confirm this) but their similiarity to the World Bests upper design suggests they appeared around 1987.

I’ve stolen the above Black/Yellow/Grey Fell Runner pictures from my friend DIXY (hope you don’t mind mate) and Googling as ever reveals pictures from odd places – here’s another in a Blue/Red/Cream colourway –

1987 World Best for comparison (originals shown)

4th World Best colourway breaks cover

UPDATE! Have added many improved images of this now – which certainly improves my overall opinion of this White/Royal/Aqua/Yellow colourway. Reebok releasing an OG colourway of these would be a worthy and much-appreciated finale to the World Best re-issues. Now available over at EPIC and Urban Industry. Click on to see more detailed pics.  Read the rest of this entry

SALE! World Best (Black/Glen Green/White)

Only a few sizes left over at Titolo, in Black/Glen Green/White.

World Best – Orange/Grey/Black

Some very gnarly Google searching unearthed these fresh beauties at a store I’d not heard of before – EPIC in the Netherlands – who are selling the Black/Glen Green/White World Bests‘ too.
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World Best – Black/White/Glen Green/Soft Grey

Only the 2nd colourway I’ve seen on sale to date (if you see others, please drop me a message!!) of the re-release of the 1987 World Best. More Pics after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

‘World Best’ re-release!

I’m very excited to see these – just appeared in a variety of colourways on various Blogs, with the Yellow colourway available over at Crooked Tongues – it shows Reebok still recognises it’s 80’s runners and influences as viable releases. More pictures after the jump …
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80’s Reeboks


Please visit the RETROBOK SHOE ARCHIVE V2.0


Victory G


Victory XL  (1981-82)

Shadow I (1981-83) $17.99 RRP

Shadow III (Womens) – (1981-83) £16.99 RRP

Cougar ’81



Freestyle (Womens)

VTS (3 colourways)

DHS (Throwing Shoe – TBC)

Wild Country

Britannia (Kids)

VTS Kids (2 colourways)

Orchid – Womens

Carolina – Womens

Aztec II (aka AZ II)
Aztec 2 1983


Hurricane (2 colourways)

Spitfire (3 colourways)



Freestyle Hi (Womens)

Princess (Womens)

Reebok Classic

Reebok Classic Leather

NPC II (Newport Classic) – Year TBC

Aztec II

London Runner



Ex-O-Fit Hi

Victory GTI – featured ‘Foster Cradle’, Gore-tex™ technology, and speed lock lacing system.

LC 1500

LC 3000 (Womens)

CL 1500
LC1500 (5)

Sydney Maree (handmade by David Foster source)
The Sydney Maree was a special make up of the Mens LC

Sydney Maree Spike

Phase I Tennis Shoe [ Leather / Leather and Nylon ]

Paris Runner

Paris Racer (name and year TBC)




Workout Mid-Cut


 LC ‘Mk II’ 1600

Phase I

Phase I (Womens)

ACT 600 Tennis Shoe




BB7600 ‘Alien Stomper’ (aka Aliens Fighter Shoe)

Phase II

Phase II Womens

GL 6000 –  1986

GL 6000 (Womens)

LX 8500



PB 800 Spikes

GL1600 (Date TBC)

GL1600 Womens (Date TBC)

Workout Plus

B4000 (Womens) (DATE TBC)
Image c/o DefyNewYork

CL1000 (Year TBC)

CL1400 (Year TBC)

DL1400 aka Reebok Response (Year TBC)


DL 5000 – Year TBC

DL 5600 (Mens and Womens) – Year TBC

DL 6000 – Year TBC


PB (Designed by Reebok USA)

PB Gold (Year TBC)

World Best

Fell Runner – 1987 (TBC)

Wild Runner Two – Advert

Victoria Womens Tennis
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Axis Tennis
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Avenger (Year TBC)
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Club C (Year TBC) – reissues shown

Image c/o DefyNewYork

RAD (‘Reebok Advanced Design’) – 1987

CL Aztec (Year TBC)

Image c/o DefyNewYork



World Trainer (the first Reebok with E.R.S.™)
Featured ERS technology in both the heel and forefoot.

E.R.S. Trainer

World Road
Featured ERS technology in the heel only.

World Road (Womens)
Featured ERS technology in the heel only.

Club Fitness


Mid-cut Court

Rugged Walker (Mens)

Rugged Walker (Womens)

Image c/o DefyNewYork

 CXT Mid (ERS)



The Pump®
Without a doubt Reeboks’ most important shoe, securing critical and sales success – as well as being legendary in both Popular and Sneaker culture.

Image c/o DefyNewYork

AXT Plus (year TBC)

SXT Cross Trainer (ERS)
Image c/o DefyNewYork

Commitment Mid