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GL6000 — Rivet Grey/Tin Grey/White

A pair of 6000‘s in a colourway I’d not spotted before – and not to be confused with the Grey/Black/White as seen on the Reebok South Korea website in early 2013. This is something like the 30th colourway for the post-2009 Woven Label 6000 retros, available currently at Reebok USA. —BokOne

LX8500 retro confirmed — heading to shops shortly

LX8500 original (1986)

My very reliable source informs me that the Woven Label retros’ of the 1986 classic are heading out the specialist stores shortly. It needs to be re-stated that the early 2000’s retros of the 8500 (using similiar moulds/lasts and treatments as the GL6000 and 6500 retros of the same era) were not particularly accurate (examples shown below), so this is the first proper treatment this legendary retrobok has had [EDIT – I have not sourced any photos of the newer retro yet]

LX8500 retro mk.I – no midsole details (early 2000’s)

LX8500 retro mk.II – notice the slightly more accurate stability wave (early 2000’s)

That’s not to diminish the 2000’s retros, which were in fact a glimpse of the future — at the time apart from the ubiquitous (and nefarious) Classic Leathers there was little in the way of retro’d Reeboks from the 80’s or indeed 90’s. My source also confirms more 90’s retros are on the way, so those of you excited about Inferno’s should see some love soon.  Finally, Retrobok is also expecting more advance information about releases – exciting times! Keep dropping in 😉 —BokOne