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Pickup & Macros — Garbstore X Reebok ‘Pump Running Dual VNT’


London-based Garbstore have been providing some fascinating collaborations with Reebok Classics, and this curio is no exception. Read on for more bluster and eyecandyRead the rest of this entry

Garbstore X Reebok Classics Phase II


Woah, now this is unexpected. Garbstores outstanding (and highly memorable) ‘Outside in’ collaborations with Reebok Classics has moved to the early 80’s stalwart, the Phase II runner – a shoe that shares (or possibly even donated…) its ‘boot’ style outsole to the Reebok Classic shoe itself. These photos are slightly curious, showing a slightly banana-shaped profile to the shoes which isn’t so evident in real life! But the ‘Baseball Grey/Trophy Gold’ treatment in particular reminds me of the lush Hanon Shop ‘Aberdeen Leopards’ treatment of the Classic for the 30th anniversary last year 😀 —BokOne

Phase II – Grey/Gold (END clothing UK) 
Phase II – Navy/Purple Shadow (END clothing UK)


Garbstore X Reebok — Drop 2 images

Garbstore have sent me details of their next drop — 2 more colourways of the CL6000, ‘the lead shoe and main kick off point for the “Outside In” project’. The shoe has different colour arch bandages and suede colours on the out and insteps and is ‘very limited release’ Garbstore —BokOne

Los Angeles — from 6pm in LA on the 26th (Store only – 2 colourways)
London — from 9am GMT on the 27th Sep (Store & Web – 2 colourways) 

Garbstore ‘Outside In’ – Hanon Shop now shipping drop 1

For those of you mad keen on the Garbstore X Reebok collaboration, Hanon Shop (UK) are now shipping the 3 shoes above — Cl Lthr 6000, Pump Fury and Pump Dual Running as part of the 1st drop of this collaboration. Reports are that the full collection sold out on the launch day at Garbstore in London, though I’ve yet to have that confirmed – they’re still to drop elsewhere so whilst I’d recommend not to panic, don’t hang about either 😀 Hanon Shop. —BokOne

Garbstore X Reebok Classic ‘Outside In’ collection — released today


Reebok have informed me that the complete collection of 10 ‘Outside In’ Reeboks will be available today, Friday 13th at Garbstore themselves in London. Hopefully the weather is not too bad for Londoners to rock these crazy kicks! I have no information at this moment on other global/store sales of these but will post up if and when I do. Photos of the complete collection were posted here on Retrobok a few weeks back, check them out—BokOne 

Couverture & The Garbstore, 188 Kensington Park Road, Portobello, London W11 2ES. UK

Garbstore X Reebok — CL 6000 (White/Navy/Chalk)

The first of the inspired Garbstore ‘Inside Out’ collaboration with Reebok has appeared, with this — a mashup of the Classic Leather and GL 6000 (in a nutshell the upper of the CL, with the midsole of the 6000), all with the inside-out applications ‘on top’ :D. The results are pretty striking, if not quite how we’d imagined it. Looking forward to seeing the other 5 shoe models – each I believe in 2 different makeups. Click on for more images & where to buy. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

More Reebok X Garbstore ‘Outside In’ pics

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Still loving the almost-unrecognisable GL 6000’s here, reason being they are actually identified as the ‘GS CL LTHR 6000’ and run a CL style heel tab instead of the OG 6000’s dipped tab. Keep any eye on Hanon where the 1st of the 2 pack drops are expected soon. —BokOne

Reebok X Garbstore “Outside In” — coming soon?

Looks like Hanon are teasing us with the forthcoming arrival of the “Outside In” pack collab between Reebok and Garbstore, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the pre-order of these. The teaser image above only shows 3 of the 5 shoes originally shown (see here) and those 2 shoes at the end are GL 6000’s, in subtly different colourways it seems. Great stuff though – more quality collabs which Reebok deserve to be commended for. Hanon Shop (UK). —BokOne