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Palace 27.12.13 — Short teaser

Very short teaser clip from the UK’s Palace Skateboards with what looks like another Reebok collab. Let’s watch this space! —BokOne

Palace X Reebok clothing range

Nice! It appears that Reebok have collaborated on a range of outerwear (and 1 part underwear) with the UK’s Palace Skateboards. Curiously, no Reebok logos are visible on the clothing – on the outside at least – but the range is very nicely executed. Currently available from Canadas’ Livestock (links to Palace clothing which includes non-Reebok merchandise)—BokOne


Palace Skateboards X Reebok Classic


Awesome short, grainy VHS-style promo vid for a Reebok collaboration with UK Skateboard specialists Palace. With what looks like 2 makeups each of the Workout Plus, and the CL Vintage, and featuring the Palace logo on the tongues these are a collaboration slightly out of the norm for Reebok — and more interesting for that reason. I’d be particularly interested to see how Skateboarders view the Classic Leather. Street date shown in the video is 12th July 2013. Via The Daily Street, and thanks to Dumisani K 😀 —BokOne