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Reebok X SNS — Pump Twilight Zone “Punschrulle”

So, Punschrulle – in Swedish (Punsch Roll for the English speakers) is a “small cylindrical pastry covered with green marzipan with the ends dipped in chocolate, with an interior consisting of a mix of crushed cookies, butter, and cacao, flavoured with punsch liqueur”. Thanks Wikipedia… now, I’ve never heard of Punsch Liquer but this has to be one of the most specific makeups of the early 90’s Pump Twilight Zones I’ve yet seen, with SNS doing a great job of reminding the world of what culture Europe has to offer.

These are scheduled for November 27th in Europe. Retrobok will keep its’ eyes open for the release date on these. Images and info via PumpMyLife. More pics after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

SNS x Reebok — NPC II ‘Gore-Tex Camo’

So with the recent release of the Aape X Reebok Pump Furys, SNS drop their monthly collaboration on September 30th at their own store. Mixing a Goretex upper with brown lacing and camo patterning and it seems like camo is the treatment of the moment — whether these NPC II’s will get the interest of the Aapes I’m not sure, but perhaps they’ll inherit a little of that excitement and do SNS proud. Short promo video below too! Sneakersnstuff (Sweden) —BokOne

Sneakersnstuff X Reebok — Kamikaze II Mid ‘Polkagris’


Really fun video with the guys from Swedens’ Sneakersnstuff (SNS) hand-making traditional Swedish Polkagris – perfectly explaining the inspiration to their forthcoming Kamikaze II Mid collaboration with Reebok. The KII doesn’t usually get coverage here on Retrobok, but it’s such a great example of the international inspirations applied to Reebok collabs that it deserves a post. Thanks to Alex Schuh for making me aware of this! —BokOne

Sneakersnstuff teaser video

Covering familiar SNS makeups covered here on Retrobok, as well as Question Mida and DMX 10’s, a couple of shoes are quickly tossed around by one of Swedens’ Sneakersnstuff staff to tease us (well… they’re Pump Omni Lites, Insta Pump Furys….). Allegedly, SNS are releasing 1 shoe per month this year, though I don’t believe every month will be Reebok. Keep your eyes peeled! SNS. —BokOne

DMX Run 10 — OG c/ways & SNS colab

Reebok Classics DMX Run 10   Release DateThe 1997 DMX Run is a rather interesting shoe. With a unique appearance that could only be designed for the US market, it contains 10 x ‘moveable’ air chambers reminiscent of the Energaire tech that Reebok incorporated into some 90’s walking shoes. It’s also rather interesting as the historic American footwear focus has always been on Basketball, whilst in the UK it has always been Running. And here’s a hi-tech runner for the US market, which was apparently hugely popular. Read on for more + the SNS colab.

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