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Reebok Spitfire advert, USA 1980/1981


Superb spot from Gary who notified Retrobok about this super-rare advert seen on eBay Canada.

Curious how contemporary the Spitfire appears in this circa 1980/1981 advert, as well as a few oddities within the content; I’m not sure how well-known and iconic the (British World War 2 era) Spitfire was to Americans (imagine an ‘American Running Shoe’ sold in the UK as a Corsair for example).

I’d also never heard of the ‘mummy’* lacing system before – and studying the advert carefully I’m not convinced it offers anything much as a sales feature!

Anyhow, great find. Thanks again to Gary for this spot; contributions are always appreciated! Image has been added to the 80’s Media Page. -BokOne

Buy the real advert at eBay Canada.

David Foster was kind enough to explain the mummy lacing system to Retrobok:

*the Mummy lacing system, refers to the BLUCHER style lacing system, which pulled the facing from further around the instep of the foot, wrapping the foot in the shoe upper, hence Mummy! it gave the shoe an unusual look and all our running shoes returned to an oxford style laced facing after this, with either Nylon speed lacing, AZTEC, Victory, etc,. or Gillie variable lacing from AZII onward. —David Foster


LX 8500 advert — Our Past is the Future of Running (1986)


I’m surprised myself that I’d not found this sooner, but it’s fantastic to see an original 1986 advert for the LX 8500 (the year can be feintly seen in the bottom right corner). The advert naturally covers the 4 main ‘technologies’ of the LX ; the Reebound™ midsole, patented embossed pigskin upper, Goodyear® Indy 500® outsole and of course the 3M Scotchlite™ reflective trim on the heel wrap. That’s enough ®’s and ™’s for one sentence…

The ad also mentions the shoes’ availability from Cal Sports which I think it would be safe to presume that this was a US print advert.

Added to Retroboks’ 80’s Media section – plenty more in there to investigate! —BokOne

GL 6000 retro notes

Something I haven’t yet got around to pointing out is that the late-2012 and 2013 GL 6000’s have now done away with the split midsole as seen on the true OG’s from 1986. Shown below are the 2013 Vintages above a 2011 example pair of 6000’s —

I can understand Reeboks thinking here, as viewed from the inside the vertical midsole split on the older 6000’s was quite a stark and blunt piece of design (shown here on the 2010 retro —


The removal of this certainly helps in slimming down the lateral appearance of the 6000, it’s midsole certainly appears very tall. Reebok have also been applying the more accurate ‘stretched vintage’ logo to the LX 8500 Vintage pack, as well as the 2013 GL 6000 Vintage releases — something that I’m happy Reebok took notice of, following a previous Retrobok article 😉


OG DL 5000 logo (L) – Retro’d GL 6000 logo (R)

Reebok Classics are certainly doing a sweet job of getting these retros to point, I’m hoping in particular the stretched logo will continue to be applied to the most relevant retros. —BokOne