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Collector Feature #9 — Kevin Hoyle (New Zealand)

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For Retrobok Collector Feature #9, we have a big guy from a small island, with an insane collection and a passion that is simply off the scale. Hit the jump to witness possibly the most impressive collection and display you’ve ever seen….  Read the rest of this entry


Collector Feature #8 — Sneaker Grandpa


Retrobok is proud to present its’ 8th Collector Feature, this time with Instagram legend ‘Sneaker Grandpa’ (real name Patrick Dempsey) from the US who doesn’t mince his words on quality… Hit the jump, it’s a mammoth interview! Read the rest of this entry

Collector Feature #7 — Brad Spriggs (USA)

retrobok_brad-s (1)
Retrobok is honoured to present its 7th Collectors Feature, featuring a long-term collector hailing from Ohio, USA with a huge collection.
Brad is also the second of the OG16 / TeamReebok1895 team featured on Retrobok. Click the jump to read on.  Read the rest of this entry

Collectors Feature #6 — Tristin Kennedy (Canada)


Retrobok is pleased to present its 6th Collectors Feature; this time with a young Canadian with a fresh collection, an equally fresh wardrobe and his own individual approach to life. Tristin has also managed to set the bar high with the photography of his collection. Read on!  Read the rest of this entry

Collectors Feature #5 — Piotr ‘Natty’ Kaczmarek

piotr ivy

Second Collectors Feature already this year at Retrobok, and this time a regular contributor from Poland who loves his classic runners, particularly in collab form, and has provided me with some superb collection photos as well. Read on!  Read the rest of this entry