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Reebok Inferno ‘Tonal Mesh Pack’

Shield your eyes, people! The Inferno has followed the Ventilators‘ recent lead by getting all meshy and modernising itself thoroughly with high-vis colourways. I’m really glad to see these ; the recently released dip-dyed Ventilators are a superb move by Reebok Classics featuring completely modern mesh uppers and keeping the rest of the shoe fuss-free. The 20-year old Vents can rock up alongside modern Nikes such as the Free, and hold their own. In truth, they look better too.

So here it is with the Inferno – a shoe I’ve not been especially strongly drawn to (mainly due to its fussy details and so-so OG colourways) but with these 3 bold treatments, we have a mightier beast indeed. And if the Inferno feels anything like my pair of Sole Trainers, well… they will be a genuinely superb pair of Runners too.

Hit the jump for the other 2 colourways, and link to the store. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok presents ‘Spring/Summer 2014 Classic’

Short-but-fun teaser for forthcoming Reebok Classics footwear – I spot some brutal Ventilator colourways in here, as well as familiar available kicks such as the 2014 Keith Haring collaborations, and OG retro Pump Fury. —BokOne

Fall/Winter 2013 — CL Vintage S/N


[UPDATED – EXTRA PICS] In amongst the Fall/Winter 2013 releases, are what I believe to be 2 new CL Vintages S/N’s (Suede/Nylon). I’m really loving the simple restrained retro design to these, a few of which have been available for a couple of seasons now. Must get my hands on a pair 😀 Available 1st July, keep your eyes peeled! More pics after the jump! —BokOne

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