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SALE! Culture Kings (Australia)


I promise I’m not simply going to be covering Australia-based store Sales, but Culture Kings — who rarely appear to do any sale prices — have suddenly slashed prices of a huge range of retroboks, including still-fresh Ventilator colourways, GL 6000’s, Pump Omni Lites, GL 2620’s. dip-dyed Ventilators, Shaqnosis, Infernos…. Culture Kings (Australia) —BokOne

Sale! Pumps, Australia


In Australia, Catch of the Day is a bit of a favourite (we don’t have Amazon here, for a start) and today they’ve got a pretty decent selection of Pumps on sale. Prices aren’t as keen as they could be, but still – a pair of Twilight Zones or Shaqnosis for AU$100, or Shaq Attaqs for AU$120 isn’t too bad, and they’re helped by a capped P&P. Catch of the Day (Australia) —BokOne

SALE! Brandosa (UK)

Some SERIOUSLY cheap Retroboks to be had right now at UK’s Brandosa. Highlights are above in the image with 2 x GL6000‘s for just £32 each, and all the ERS1500‘s colourways at £27 each. Also in there are Dash Runners, CL’s, Ex-O-Fit Hi’s, and a few others at slightly higher sale prices. I’ve snaffled a couple of pairs already, head over to Brandosa pronto!. —BokOne


½ price Twilight Zones @ Crooked Tongues!

Woah! If you’re ever tired of seeing the word SALE used everywhere, often for measly price cuts, well Crooked Tongues (UK) are offering these superb Pumps for literally ½ price: thats £63 each. These are BIG sneakers, so perhaps they have a lack of storage space? Help them out over at Crooked Tongues!—BokOne

SALE! Ex-o-Fit Hi

Reebok Classic ExoFit Hi - RE38474
Now these are really tempting me … I’m a big fan of the clean retro lines on the Ex-o-Fits, and in a smart colourway like this, at this price… well. £30 at Express Trainers —BokOne

SALE! Workout Plus Vintage — Black/Bone/Brass

Now £45 (from £75) at Crooked Tongues —BokOne


SALE! World Best (Black/Glen Green/White)

Only a few sizes left over at Titolo, in Black/Glen Green/White.