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Size? x Reebok Classics — Workout Plus Exclusive


Very tidy collab with UK’s ever-popular Size? store, mixing a gum outsole with a Burgundy waxed upper. Apparently limited to just 500 pairs, if they’re not already gone I’m sure they’ll go soon… (yep, sizes are now limited) Size? UK —BokOne

Phase Comfort OG — White/Cream/Tin, Blue/White/Cream


A shoe I wasn’t personally aware of, although certainly quite similiar to the Phase I Pro Vintage that Reebok Classics released last year — these are certainly about as retro as they come, mixing Cream/Off-Whites with white and Tin Grey (another familiar Reebok colour identifier) and a Sky Blue with the same Cream/Off-white combination.

I’m particularly liking the vintage Starcrest treatment on the tongues. Click on for more pictures and store links >

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GL6000 — Navy/Red/White, now available at Size? UK

3rd colourway of the 6000 has now appeared on the Size? online store — I’ll have to check whether these are in the bricks+mortar stores themselves, hoping they are! Size (UK) —BokOne

Latest! GL6000’s back on the UK high street

While it may seem a little overkill to pronounce this as a ‘momentous’ event, true retro Reeboks’ have not been widely available on the UK high street for some time now — usually requiring online ordering even from stores already existing on the high street. Size? are a good example ; they were recently running 9 ‘Retroboks’ online — but zero in-store. Other familiar UK high-street stores such as Schuh and Office have offered no Retroboks in recent memory (and none online either) whilst JD Sports have been disappearing from the high street, merging into Sports Direct (arguably offering the ubiquitous white Classic and little more). But I’m hoping that Reeboks’ hard work in 2013 is finally seeing results, bringing classic Boks back into the public view. It certainly put a smile on my face seeing these two GL6000 colourways in Size? this lunchtime — let’s hope to see more soon. Each image links directly out. —BokOne

Workout Plus Vintage — Burgundy/Bony, Navy/Bone

The original Workouts were first introduced in 1986 as a fitness trainer, the Workout Plus were later introduced in the 1990’s as an updated silhouette of the original. – Size?” Er, slightly wrong there, Size? I think you need to double-check your Reebok history here on Retrobok… The OG Workout was ’85, with the Workout Plus (with extra toe box reinforcement and tweaked heel tab) was ’86. Available now at Size? – each image links directly over. —BokOne

ERS 2000 – Black/White/Wolf Grey

Just appeared at UK’s Size? are these bad boys, in a very sombre Black/Grey/White colourway. Any colourless sneaker is a bold decision, and these are a little towards the edge of my own tastes — I do wish Reebok had reversed out the ERS tubes in a contrasting colour to make them pop a little more, but they’ve got a plastic model kit quality to them in all-grey. Currently £80 at Size? alongside the OG colourway~BokOne