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Collector Feature #8 — Sneaker Grandpa


Retrobok is proud to present its’ 8th Collector Feature, this time with Instagram legend ‘Sneaker Grandpa’ (real name Patrick Dempsey) from the US who doesn’t mince his words on quality… Hit the jump, it’s a mammoth interview! Read the rest of this entry


Nice Kicks — A “Sneak Peek” Inside Sneaker Grandpa’s Shoe Rooms

This interview with ‘Sneaker Grandpa’ makes me quite emotional ; a true sneakerhead who’s not interested in following the overtrodden Nike/Jordan path, and chooses his own: namely, quality collabs (New Balance and Reeboks are his preference).

He talks us through his enviable (and mint) collection of 25th Anniversary Classic Leathers, as well as a few others, and what they each mean to him.

“A lot of people show us the same stuff over and over again but, I definitely wanted this season to be full of stuff we just haven’t seen before, and you definitely did that…” Wonderful stuff. —BokOne